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The NRT Fantasy League
nolte wins a top ten medal and a nice red light. chappo.

thanks Smile

well done to levi for the overall
The NRT Fantasy League
That's quite cool to see the summary results. An all Irish podium in the Super Prestige Advocaat Adam Hansen Consistency Standings - ignoring me flying a flag of convenience that is Wink

Congrats to Levi on the overall title.
The NRT Fantasy League
well done to nolte i thought i might of won the tour but he just
got in front at the end. if i have  it right erin go bra.
The NRT Fantasy League
Well done guys... Vuelta killed me, half my teams were gone by day ten I think!!
The NRT Fantasy League
Well done Nolte
The NRT Fantasy League
Congrats Nolte.  My heart bests slightly faster with the "Just Cycling" pride.
The NRT Fantasy League
Anyone heard anything yet??
The NRT Fantasy League
nothing from noel on the facebook page
The NRT Fantasy League
what has happened i can not log on for the giro.
The NRT Fantasy League
I can log on, but can't find half the riders in the list - no Demare, Dumoulin, and the entire Movistar team seems to be missing!
The NRT Fantasy League
I can log on, but get gibberish, then if I press the return key, I can get the team of a guy called Davy C.

My guess is that he has about 6 hours to fix it or it is all over for the Giro Fantasy.  You could try Velogames or Cobblestone at the last minute.
The NRT Fantasy League
So has no one been able to enter a team?
The NRT Fantasy League
no. shame as the jokers gave it a nice bit of interactivity.

best wishes and good distance to noel in his cycling endeavours.
The NRT Fantasy League
maffy wrote:
no. shame as the jokers gave it a nice bit of interactivity.

best wishes and good distance to noel in his cycling endeavours.

I agree.  Just gave a little bit of change possibilities as one studies the parcours a little more.  Just enough.

Oh well, life does go on.  Got in a quick shot at Velogames and Cobblestone just to keep up interest.
The NRT Fantasy League
noel posted this aabout the tour on sunday

I am sorry but I have been unable to run the fantasy games this year. I hope to be back next year.
The NRT Fantasy League
And yet that might not have any effect on others in the forum joining us on Cobblestone or Velogames.
The NRT Fantasy League
I seem to have entered a team for 2-17 Giro today!
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