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Comments and problems thread
Well done that mystery man/woman  salut
Comments and problems thread
Yes, I second that. Thanks to whoever you are. Much appreciated.
Comments and problems thread
Thanks to all that have been benefactors! Much appreciated.
Comments and problems thread
Comments and problems thread
When browsing on my mobile, full screen add are coming up. Anyone else e periencing this?

Mazda (wonder why Wink ) mostly but in the middle of this post, a trivago one came up.
Comments and problems thread
I'm getting that annoying "Click here for your guaranteed lottery winnings" that moves backwards and forwards.
It is so annoying I can't recall what I used to get.
Comments and problems thread
mazda wrote:
I'm getting that annoying "Click here for your guaranteed lottery winnings" that moves backwards and forwards.
It is so annoying I can't recall what I used to get.

Based on my order to Book Depository earlier on, I am getting random Hungarian authors
Comments and problems thread
out of interest re the announcement up there, how big is our database with/without the gallery?
Comments and problems thread
maffy wrote:
out of interest re the announcement up there, how big is our database with/without the gallery?

That's more than a bit of a shame Sad

I shall have a look under the bonnet to see if I can figure out the answer. Not really the best person for that type of thing . . .
Comments and problems thread
So we're a bit over 0.5GB without the gallery. Not sure what our gallery is yet.

Click to see full size image
Comments and problems thread
yes. it's an awful shame. that's an easily workable amount.

been shuffling discs around to wiggle into various raids since saturday lunchtime. i'll get to start the next stage at around 23:30. between 12midnight  and 9am there's 35cm of snow forecast. and there's plenty wind to drift it. caved in and bought a fatbike that should have been here by yesterday at the latest. it's not here yet so will be returned on the van tomorrow. maybe next year.

the ups won't power a full rebuild. on the plus side, might go out again to see if that aurora's about.

happy spring equinox.
Comments and problems thread
Comments and problems thread
Oh dear.  Must admit I wasn't quite sure what ye were discussing until I saw the import announcement under the important announcement heading Embarassed

Let's google around a bit and see what we come up with, it would be nice to try and carry on I think.  Wouldn't it?
Comments and problems thread
I would certainly be in favour of trying to carry on in one way or another. Question is is it worth preserving the forum or migrating to another active forum. I only ever post here so don't know what life is out there?
Comments and problems thread
That's exactly how I feel.  Things have been a bit moribund here for sure, but it's homely and i like it.  I also like our game, BUT we are at the thin end of the wedge.  I like it here and while, for instance, Velorooms is very attractive and beautifully presented I just don't know if it has the same appeal for me...

I would hate to see us put time and effort in to trying to find a way to carry on, only for the forum to eventually limp into a terminal decline.  Let's see what turns up but maybe try to get a consensus before we do anything one way or another?
Comments and problems thread
I will stick with us until death, or hospitalisation with no connection.

However it is noticeable we are shrinking.  Not a bad thing in itself, this happens with many organisations.  The only solution I know is personal recruitment, get your pals to sign on.  

As for migration, might we have a short set of tips, discussions of what forum have wise and experienced people like us, nice comments without too much bullshit and swear words, nice place to be.  If there is a competition, all the better, but not necessary.  Sadly, I can offer no real advice.  The forum that some people set up a few years back when they got pissed of with Mr. Murphy  ha carried on, but there are only five or six frequent posters, all of whom get on well.

So what are good forums?
Comments and problems thread
I hope we can carry on. It would be a pity if we didn't. I like the community we have, we do need some more users.

This is my only cycling forum I post and I think with larger forums, many views get lost because of the number of posters there
Comments and problems thread
Hi folks I hadn;t noticed the ads to be honest and I didn't get the email warning me our subscription had run out....just checked. I can log into the host site from work tomorrow when I have a little spare time and see whether we can still block the ads.

I have to say I didn't catch or see this "Important Announcement" but if it's about the crowd funding thing they have had something like this running for years about old servers and the like with a similar threat. If it's something different then can someone fill me in. I'll have a look at MYFF in a short while.

Like the rest of you I like this place and yes we could always do with more contributions but it's nice here. Yes MJM drove a lot of people away and others like Bianchigirl have moved onto other things but it's still a good place.

Forums are not that hard to set up so in the end if this does have to close I'll build us a new home somewhere else

Comments and problems thread
Okay.... that didn't take long...... the MYFF platform will close at the end of June and the owner blames Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Sadly he is correct and I know we lost a whole heap of posters a few years back to a facebook group.

I'd be happy to set a group up if that's what you wanted or find another forum host. Let me know what you want to do and we'll try to move forward in a way that we can keep some semblance of what we have.
Comments and problems thread
The crowd funding announcement at the top of the page is a last ditch effort to save the forum (and everything else that's hosted by the My Fast Forum people). Closure is not certain at the moment, but my own view is that they'll struggle to raise the money they need and after that there would be be about 30 a year charge anyway.

Question was asked about the size of our gallery last night. Suspect that's not coming with us if we go somewhere else. The MyFF super moderator described it as the 'problem child' of any relocation. The option to export our forum to a new host exists, so we keep structure and old posts etc.

All of the above is obvious anyway if you've clicked on the link above, but I just drop it here for those that might still be stumbling across this news.

Thoughts from those that haven't expressed their's yet?
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