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Your cycling route maps and pix

Here's the place to show us where you ride. Ill start out with my old commute in Wash DC...pix of my new place forthcoming.

My commute was on mostly well behaved MUT. A number of super high trafic intersections in DC, one where I was hit.

The MUT parallels the Potomac River from Mt Vernon (George Washingtons home) to DC, about 18 miles each way.

There is an excellent view of DC across the river.

One way into DC is across Memorial Bridge, with Lincoln Memorial at the end.

The MUT passes by the Viet Nam memorial

And ends at the daily grind (my old bike)

where is the great photo of the National Cathedral?
happa gal

HW..the pics were fab! My father is a Vietnam vet (he was in Saigon during the Tet offensive) and seeing the Vietnam Memorial in person was incredibly moving....that was a great pic!! Thanks!

Hey hw, do you miss D.C.?

partly. but I think I mss more of "what could have been" professionally more than what is actually there. I dont miss the traffic and crowds but friends and personal things for sure. Believe me, theres no ethiopian food in east tennessee.

Google Earth map of one of my new mountain training rides. Its an out/back route that is 54 miles and 4 Cat 2 climbs, or maybe 3 Cats 2s and a Cat 1.

Heres a data log of half the route. Max grade ~20 %.


for you bb


I simply love that photo. It is terrific! Thanks HW

I like the look of your "old" bike headwind. It's not lying unloved and unused at the back of your garage is it?

Nope, it is lost and unloved in the bowels of the Fondriest factory somewhere in Italia...........

This is where I do most of my cycling - trying to teach our 3 daughters in front of the house! Our six-year old has finally learned to ride (with stabilisers), the 3 year-old is the most sport so watch out Nicole Cooke...

p.s. Mrs Pantanifan may well be opening the house to visitors as a B&B in Central (rural) Hungary next year - special discounts for justcycling members, depending on their views agreeing with mine of course!

oops, not got the hang of the attachements feature yet

nice place, hold on to that dearly...


happa gal, some years ago I went with my family to the Vietnam memorial - we have no connection to it whatsoever, no family involvement or anything - it had recently been finished and we were on holiday nearby and 'doing' Washington - but the raw power of it was stunning, I remember watching the tears leak out from behind my mum's sunglasses, it really is incredibly moving... Forum Index -> Around the World
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