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Women's Tour of Britain

Been following this on ITV4.... while it's great that they're showing an hour's highlights every night, I have a few questions....

1 - why does the coverage include the complete neutralised section before the race proper starts (& thereby less of the actual racing)?

2 - why is there no "distance to go" and "times between groups" tracker on the screen (as the presenters don't feel it necessary to keep us updated on this, sometimes it's a bit hard to work out whether we're watching a couple of chancers just ahead of the field, with a long way to go, or a race-winning break in the final kilometres)

3 - why does Sarah Storey ride right at the back of the peloton ALL of the time...

4 - Hugh Porter - why?

Sorry for being grumpy - it's great that women's cycling is getting the coverage, but could it not feel quite so amateur...?
Mrs John Murphy

It sounds a little bit like the old Channel 4 coverage of the TDF - before Phil started showing signs of alzheimers.

You know they'd show the break, one minute they'd be 15 minutes clear, and then they'd show a shot of the peloton and the gap was then 15 seconds when they went back to the break.

Hugh Porter, the best that can be said is that he isn't Kirby, Harmon or Duffield.

Cycling commentary is very very bad.

I think they were explaining about sarah storey riding at the back all the time on yesterdays coverage as this due to the immobility in one arm of hers neing where she felt most comfortable riding, but also she does also do battle carrying duties for her team too. Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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