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Winter bike

I went out to buy a winter bike. Nothing too flash, I thought, something to sit in the range between my touring bike and the roadie, which happens to be a Giant TCR. Probably steel, I thought, maybe an audax bike?

I came home with another carbon-fibre Giant. This time an SCR C4.

Mine is specced exactly as described in the link, except that the rear mech is ultegra rather than 105.

I know the Giants don't have quite the cachet of some of the exotica: big manufacturer, all mass produced, not rare or sexy. I tell you what, though, this SCR is a hell of a lot of bike for the money and may be the most comfortable road bike I've ever been on. It doesn't handle quite as sharply as the TCR but for long distances I suspect it will become my mount of choice.

i use and old ccm targe junk fo rmy early winter rides, when i competed..

ride anything.. its all snow/sleet/hail..ciao Forum Index -> The Garage
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