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Why some people should not be allowed to Drive

Number 1

The Braindead Beemer Driver

.... WRONG

Please feel free to add to the collection
Slapshot 3

Just gets better...sound on....enjoy  Laughing  Laughing


a work colleague says the reason he doesn't like driving in these conditions is that " other people are on the road"

hey that's the same reason i don't drive
mr shifter

I live on a main road.
On the Tuesday afternoon 2 weeks ago that the first blizzard came, No wind but 20 - 24 inches fell.
The road became Gridlocked without hardly any movements (except occasional) for three hours or so.
A shopping trolley (like the one in your film) was suddenly abandoned in front of my drive and my neighbours drive which are both on an angle to arrive at the road where the idiot driver had parked.
Admittedly the council property drives were under a blanket of snow but with 2 gateways it should be obvious that a drive was there.
Two days later I trudged up to the paper shop to get eggs, milk (we had now been on powdered milk) and a paper which the Indian was surprised that I didn't need anything else. I told him we had stock and he thought I had had warning about the weather.
I told him I was English and we expect this weather in the winter even though we have had several mild winters recently we always get prepared.

I returned and cleared some snow from the idiots windscreen to see the Tax Disc there. (which should mean it was not dumped permanently)

On Saturday morning a little thing like your film clip was out there and doing a performance like the film with her boots in the snow.

Suddenly Patrick, my Irish neighbour on the other side left his own clearing job and started to dig her out and with a passer by's help they pushed the car forward to clear the drive.
Then his wife returned from those shops and she started to give the girl the verbals regarding parking and blocking the drives and when my wife saw this she was out there to really put the boot in.  
It seems the wife would rather sort things herself and didn't want the neighbours to do it for her. (or me)  
Oh yes me, well I'm not going to raise my blood pressure so sod em.
I would get out anyway when I needed to, over the grass the pavement or the Layby.

Be Lucky... sorry but your film was so like the silly bitch here with her car.
She had come back with her make up on but brought no Tools, shovel or anything except her fluttering eyelashes.
On the Sunday she returned (with her Dad probably) and they drove off.

To me, the three biggest reasons people should not be allowed to drive are:

1. dementia
2. vision loss
3. fatigue
Slapshot 3

CapeRoadie wrote:
To me, the three biggest reasons people should not be allowed to drive are:

1. dementia
2. vision loss
3. fatigue

4. WANTING to drive a BMW in winter should be next  Wink (kidding any bemer drivers out ther)

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