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Mrs John Murphy

Vuelta Stage 7 Almadén > Talavera de la Reina 182.9km 26/

Stage 7 Friday 26 August Almadén > Talavera de la Reina 182,9 km


Typical. It's flat, so of course they are dawdling.
80kms to go from the start of live coverage.
Slapshot 3

Kittel's stage but apparently there was a huge crash in the last stretch
Mrs John Murphy

Nasty crash.

Kittel wins from Sagan, Friere 3rd, Bennati 4th.

Big crash about 150 metres from the finish, Farrar tried to come through a gap and clipped the front wheel of an OPL rider. Brought down a lot of other riders including Scarponi, Lastras.

JRod and Nibs down as well!

Farrar's fault.
Looks like he Poleaxed Vacan's Pole,
who's in a right mess.
Broken teeth by the looks for Golas.

"Boots" Scarponi and Nibs not good:
"Boots has reported un'escoriazione right arm with
a muscle strain that affects the affected area and
back - said Dr. Beltemacchi Lampre all
- In addition, the multiplication of the bicycle caused a
wound and extensive bruising to the tibia. To assess
as they may affect, at the level of pain, these consequences
the fall, you will have to wait until tomorrow. " Same thing goes
Vincenzo Nibali done. "It 'was a final very excited
in which I wanted to keep the lead to avoid holes - explained
Nibali -. The group was launched at high speed and fall
was thrown to the ground so many runners. I threw
the right against the railing and then I went down.
I could not do anything else: an accident was inevitable that
end up even worse. " As explained by Dr. Corsetti, MD
Social to follow the team. "To have more concern
the strong hip and buttock bruising that may leave
next steps in the aftermath. Now we are dealing with
Ice and anti-inflammatory. Constantly monitor
situation and in the days ahead we will better understand the extent
the incident. "

However, Purito is fine.......

........uuummm, ok.......

Boots???? Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

Ooh!  I like that almost as much as the Frenchwoman of the Games! Forum Index -> The 3 GT´s
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