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Mrs John Murphy

Vuelta Stage 5 Sierra Nevada > Valdepeña de Jaén 187km 24

Stage 5 Wednesday 24 August Sierra Nevada > Valdepeñas de Jaén 187,0 km


Voted VDB as I was torn between him and Duarte on FP thread. Scratch my itch here.

While we're waiting for today . . .

Yesterday lunchtime was corresponding on my other NRT fantasy team with ex colleague and discussing the retrospective wisdom of picking Cavendish. (he also picked) I was saying it was probably a mistake, but he reckoned that he usually gets his head together and brings home the points in the end. He also pointed out something which I've not seen mentioned before, that there also needs to be a push points to get the full quota of 5 riders for the Olympic RR as GB is not there yet and points from Vuelta are important so he expected Cavendish to stick with it for that reason. Was then surprised by the regulations mentioned by CN

Cavendish was riding the Vuelta as preparation for the world championships but now faces more than a month without a major block of racing. He would need permission from the Vuelta organisers and the UCI to be able to ride other events during the Spanish Grand Tour.

According to UCI  rule 2.6.026: "A rider dropping out of the race may not compete in any other cycling events for the duration of the stage race that he abandoned, on pain (sic) of a 15 day suspension and a fine of CHF 200 to 1,000."

So might he try for the ToB if allowed, or not enough intensity and too much media interest?

two separate conflated issues.

1) gbr just need to stay in world tour top ten at the end of the year to get the full five quota at the olympics. nothing complex like the worlds system.

points wise, bc/sky prolly think wiggins is going to get plenty here. if not, then stannard and froome for opportunist-breaks. keep an eye on the remaining world tour startlists for conspiracy-theory-fun.
htc were looking to share out between cavendish, degenkolb and goss. only st7, 12, 16, 21 possible left for cav, and he may well have left after 12 anyway.

2) uci and vuelta will allow cavendish to ride wherever he wants in the meantime. he'll more than likely end up announcing having had the same illness as goss. even if not, farrar dropped from eneco and rode olympic test.

ToB might well be good practice for the worlds for him. needs long flat and hill sprinting practice. assume you've watched the 2010 st6 roulston post-danmark-rundt vid by now.
ToB wrote:
Stage Seven from Suffolk to Norfolk bears the distinction of being The Tour of Britain’s longest stage since 2004, coming in at 200 kilometres and providing perfect training roads for the World Road Race Championship in Denmark, just a week after The Tour concludes.

rip xavi

Fair wizzing along. 80kms covered already, so we'll be lucky to get 45 kms live.
The reason is everyone wants to be in the break. The current bunch are:

Michael Albasini (071), Tom Jelte Slagter (159), SAGAN Peter (007), MADRAZO Angel Ruiz (119), Frohling Johannes (173), Davide Malacarne (147), TAARAMAE Rein (047) and Villaplana Adrian Palomares (025).

and they have just 1'-17".

good day for a break to stay away...I'm expecting someone like LLS to win the day...

Vicente Garcia Acosta has crashed and been taken to hospital.

About one hour of live, as they are 15 minutes ahead of the fastest schedule. GT indeed.
Eurosport just miss Kurt AA's crash and don't even mention either mishap.
Mrs John Murphy

HuwB wrote:
About one hour of live, as they are 15 minutes ahead of the fastest schedule. GT indeed.
Eurosport just miss Kurt AA's crash and don't even mention either mishap.

Tooooooooooo bizzzzeeeee ovvvverrr pronounciiiiiiating evereeeee thingggg toooo worreeeee about the race

HuwB wrote:
About one hour of live, as they are 15 minutes ahead of the fastest schedule. GT indeed.
Eurosport just miss Kurt AA's crash and don't even mention either mishap.

picked up 17 minutes in the neutral zone Wink

Last year, Katusha hammered up the Alto de Valdepenas and guess what's going to happen, today.

Still, at least we'll have 7 hours of Colorado, quite soon after this final 30 kms are covered.
Kirby was magnificent, last night. He completely refused to drawn into actually commentating upon the race.
Had a smackdown from Bri Smithy, too, when he jumped back on his "cut the Vuelta to two weeks" soapbox.
"Never happen" muttered the Scot.

Anyhow, I digress.

Apparently Arvesen's crashed was caused by him swerving to avoid a kid who ran out into the road to collect a bidon.  It's not only dogs that people need to keep on a lead Evil or Very Mad   The kid is OK incidentally.

Nibali tried and died.
Poels the only contestant to Purito.
Scarponi Zubeldia etc next.
Wiggins 21 seconds lost.
Dan Martin some way back.
Mrs John Murphy

1 81 RODRIGUEZ, Joaquin KAT 4h 42' 54''
2 217 POELS, Wouter VCD + 4''
3 85 MORENO, Daniel KAT + 5''
4 157 MOLLEMA, Bauke RAB + 7''
5 91 SCARPONI, Michele LAM + 8''
6 209 ZUBELDIA, Haimar RSH + 8''
7 103 FUGLSANG, Jakob LEO + 8''
8 11 ROCHE, Nicolas ALM + 8''
9 127 VAN DEN BROECK, Jurgen OLO + 8''
10 131 KESSIAKOFF, Fredrik AST + 8''
11 1 NIBALI, Vincenzo LIQ + 11''

13 54 NIEVE, Mikel EUS + 11''
14 65 MENCHOV, Denis GEO + 11''

16 158 SÁNCHEZ, Luis León RAB + 11''
17 155 KRUIJSWIJK, Steven RAB + 17''
18 161 SÖRENSEN, Chris SBS + 20''
19 201 BRAJKOVIC, Janez RSH + 20''
20 188 WIGGINS, Bradley SKY + 20''

23 148 SEELDRAYERS, Kevin QST + 20''
24 118 BRUSEGHIN, Marzio MOV + 20''

30 196 MARTIN, Daniel GRM + 29''
31 78 SIVTSOV, Kanstantsin THR + 31''

34 66 SASTRE, Carlos GEO + 31''
35 44 MONCOUTIE, David COF + 31''

37 143 CHAVANEL, Sylvain QST + 31''

41 195 LE MEVEL, Christophe GRM + 43''

45 51 ANTON, Igor EUS + 57''


1 143 CHAVANEL, Sylvain QST 18h 02' 34''

3 81 RODRIGUEZ, Joaquin KAT + 23''
4 103 FUGLSANG, Jakob LEO + 26''
5 1 NIBALI, Vincenzo LIQ + 33''
6 131 KESSIAKOFF, Fredrik AST + 36''

9 127 VAN DEN BROECK, Jurgen OLO + 44''
10 118 BRUSEGHIN, Marzio MOV + 52''
11 148 SEELDRAYERS, Kevin QST + 53''
12 157 MOLLEMA, Bauke RAB + 55''
13 209 ZUBELDIA, Haimar RSH + 55''
14 54 NIEVE, Mikel EUS + 57''
15 91 SCARPONI, Michele LAM + 58''
16 78 SIVTSOV, Kanstantsin THR + 58''

18 196 MARTIN, Daniel GRM + 1' 04''
19 201 BRAJKOVIC, Janez RSH + 1' 07''

21 188 WIGGINS, Bradley SKY + 1' 20''

25 11 ROCHE, Nicolas ALM + 1' 48''
26 66 SASTRE, Carlos GEO + 1' 52''

28 161 SÖRENSEN, Chris SBS + 2' 09''
29 44 MONCOUTIE, David COF + 2' 22''
30 155 KRUIJSWIJK, Steven RAB + 2' 28''
31 65 MENCHOV, Denis GEO + 2' 35''

36 195 LE MEVEL, Christophe GRM + 2' 54''
37 51 ANTON, Igor EUS + 3' 10''

29 (15%) riders stroll in over 31 minutes down, but make the 14% cutoff, by 7 minutes or more.
Nice to think you have twice the % allowance than on those TDF stages that cause all the Cav criticism.

Anyhow, the sad news:
Movistar's official announcements on the day involve the sad diagnostic from José Vicente García Acosta's crash earlier. The 39-year-old domestique legend has fractured both his radius and ulna, and cracked a vertebra (though thankfully his spinal cord remains unaffected). He was due to retire at the end of the Vuelta, calling time on a 17-year career which was spent entirely with Abarcá Sports; this is a guy that remembers domestiquing for Miguel Indurain. This was his 15th participation in the Vuelta, and the first time he's not made it to Madrid, which is a very sad way for him to call time on what has been a great career; 9 wins in 17 years is not a great return, but I can't pay him a better tribute than Christian Meier did last year on twitter:

"Got to ride on the front today chasing the break with "Cente"(Vicente Garcia Acosta), one of the most respested domestiques out there. He is a legend and it made my day, mad respect for that guy, if someday I can become half the domestique that guy is I will be happy."

Very sad, its been a real bad year for serious crashes lets hope he has a complete recovery

Poor Chente - very sad!  I knew it must be serious when he didn't get back on his bike.

hmm weird, i was @ a spinning class in my local gym, and they had this on in the background, but i saw a bunch sprint and a Sky win. Maybe they were repeating stage 2?

Will have to catch the highlights later, some interesting splits there, and confirmation Mollema is in top form for this Vuelta!

Boogerd_Fan wrote:
hmm weird, i was @ a spinning class in my local gym, and they had this on in the background, but i saw a bunch sprint and a Sky win. Maybe they were repeating stage 2?

Maybe it was that single day race they just had in Germany ?
EBH won that.

that's disappointing about Garcia Acosta

on this stage, Dan Martin got a 40 second penalty for being behind a car for too long

DANIEL MARTIN is riding solidly in the Vuelta a España but said yesterday evening that he was frustrated with one aspect of the race this week. The Irish pro was given a 40-second time penalty after Wednesday’s stage to Valdepeñas de Jaén, with the commissaires deciding to dock him time after he chased back on after a stop.

“I got a 40-second time penalty, but don’t understand their thinking,” he said.

“It is to do with riding behind the team car for a bit, but I was coming back from a nature break. Normally it is overlooked but yesterday they decided to penalise me for it.

“I’d understand it if I was behind the car for five kilometres or holding onto it, but I was there for about a minute.”

While sheltering behind a car is officially not allowed, commissaires often turn a blind eye when it is done when returning from a puncture, crash or toilet stop.

“It’s very frustrating and we tried to appeal it, but they wouldn’t listen to us,” said Martin.

good to see that the organisers are applying the rules in the race. Hopefully they are doing it in all such cases and aren't selective on the riders

has any one else got a time penalty so far? Forum Index -> The 3 GT´s
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