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Mrs John Murphy

Vuelta Stage 13: Sarria - Ponferradaa 150km

No idea who will win this stage (assume a break) so no poll but if someone wants to start one then cool.

Just a heads up for the internet feeds and Kathy, of course.
TDP coverage starts one hour earlier today, at 15-00CET, pressumably to capture the big climb of the day.
Whether the improved coverage will impact upon ITV4 or Eurosport's schedules, is doubtful..............

If I find something early on, I will post it here. Hopefully, others might do the same.

It's on Spanish ES at 15.00 as well.

There is live TV coverage on TDP now.

Massive break today!

Sky controlling the pace so far, i assume they don't want Anton clawing back too many minutes.

Sastre and a bunch of other goats in the break.. but should be a 30-40 rider finish right? Thats why everyone has picked SagaN! Very Happy

can anyone provide the tdp video link.. thanks

There were early feeds, but I can't get anything to work.
I'm getting a subscription message request on everything!
Firefox 6 or Fecking ITV 4, I know not. Mad

Dutch? I know not...


This is what I now get for ALL live feeds:
VShare uses sms verfication to ensure all uses of the site are real.....
UK mobile phone number required.
Ģ3 payment, according to TOB.

Any ideas?

Rodriguez, Mollema and Nibali kick off?

This works - doesn't seem to be any audio though

No good, Kathy. Message I get is sms required for England.
ALL feeds for me are like this or dead.
First time I have ever had feed problems.

Have Spanish tv employed that Colorado lot for the weekend?
Awful picture breakup = ad breaks at crucial moments.

Kessiakoff, Nibali and Mollema are away......

thanks kathy and huw but the only one I can get running is..

stops very minute or so and I must refresh.. very frustrating

I had to go to ..

clicked on eurosport2 play button on the right ..

there are five streams to choose from..

for me stream three works best for now..

Strange!  That feed is still rolling away - not very good quality though.

Nibs is really having a go today, isn't he?

Albasini from Capecchi and Moreno.

Don't understand why the stage result had Nibs on the same time as wiggins, yet he loses time on GC?????

I was wondering that myself...

All corrected now ... Nibs now only 4 seconds down on Wiggins!

A very L'Aquila-esque stage today. Quite fascinating........well the bits we managed to see with all that picture break up.

Albasini: The crafty stage pirate dose it again.

There is an irritating itch in the form of "Mosquito" Moreno. Going to cause problems over the next 2 stages.

Quite a number of quality riders appear to have taken cycling's equivalent of a dive in the penalty box, today.
They'll either be charging up the road in the break looking for a stage win, or soft tapping on the final climb awaiting their team leaders......

.......Looks like I'm destined to watch German Eurosport over the weekend.
Yes, those dope obsessed, cycling hating folks have full, extra coverage tomorrow and 75 minutes live of Angliru, whereas Brit ES, who have a star British "name" leading the race, prefer to run with repeat tennis on 2 channels and the compulsory Sounday motorbike racket on the other.

My TV with BIG screen gets only German Eurosport.  the other day in the mountains I tried it with laptop spouting English, sound down on TV, and me replying to forums on laptop.  Seemed to work well, except my wife thought I was OTT on the technology front.  Might try that over the weekend.

FF, don't you find that there is usually a time-lag of about 30sec between the TV action and the online stuff? Forum Index -> The 3 GTīs
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