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volta a catalunya thread

so started today with davide cimolai beating nacer bouhanni in a sprint.

tomorrow being a team time trial over 40km on a bumpy course

wednesday's profile looks strage

40km TTT seems insane for a week long stage race.

Time gaps for some teams here will make Sky's Tirreno wheelgate effort look like a great result.

Ok, so Movistar win the TTT and JJ Rojas, by virtue of yesterday's result gets the leaders jersey.

Then twitter and BMC work their magic and we discover than Movistar were pushing riders during the stage.

Ah, you say, the rules are quite clear on this and indeed they are:-

So, Dennis or whoever crossed the line first for BMC now lead?

Not a bit of it.
Poor old Rojas gets a 3 minute penalty Amador 2, and Oliveira 1 and yes, you guessed it: first past the post today, Senor Valverde dons the leader's jersey.

There are no UCI rules in cycling, more like suggestions. Rolling Eyes

Well Churchill once described Russia as a 'Riddle wrapped in a Mystery inside an Enigma' so the application of this 'rule' might be a Farce wrapped in aTravesty inside a Charade...

Rojas was penalised a minute for each one caught.

So the whole team to apply the rules would be penalised each 3 minutes

I may have seen out of context clips, but it didn't look so bad to me. More like positioning a rider for slotting back into the line. The type of thing that happens regularly in bunch riding. That said, once the judges conclude it was pushing, hard to see how they can then make up their own punishment and ignore the rulebook.

The jury decided the rules were broken by penalising three riders.
The Italian judge is claiming that he had the UCI regs in French and they can be interpretated slightly differently to the English version.


Why? Imagine for a moment that Team Sky designated a rider to sit at the back of a team time trial at the Tour de France and push every rider except Chris Froome back into the slipstream. All these riders would pile up one-minute penalties, but who cares? Froome wouldn’t, and his TTT would be faster for it.

Hence it has to be a team penalty.

Meanwhile, why have such a long TTT making such big gaps on GC?
Why, so it can snow on Fridays big mountain stage of course. Embarassed


The whole Movistar team now get an amended 1 minute penalty, as laid down in the UCI rules.
So the new official result:-

1) BMC Racing Team (Dennis, Samu, TJVG)
2) Team Sky @ 44" (Froome, Thomas etc)
3) Movistar @ 58"(Valverde)
4) Trek @1'-13" (Contador)

Not seen it, but rules is rules!

one of the hardest things in a team time trial is the effort involved in trying to get back on the wheel after you've down your turn. some team. i can't remember which team but they would use their sprinter in the team time trial order before their big time triallist as when the tter was on the front, the sprinter needed to put in a big sprint just to get back on terms. for movistar, getting onto the wheel when castroviejio is taking his turn was probably the big issue.

So, on cue, TJ blew up.
Valverde absolutely romps away in the final km, after his team mate Marc Soler annihilated everybody bar Bertie.
He still found the energy to drop Adam Yates and finish 4th.

When in Spain.

As for the coverage: 19kms, much of which was unwatchable, due to picture break up and ad breaks, all topped off by a complete lack of race analysis and  incredible stupidity from Kirby.

what the fiddlesticks happened earlier in the stage?

Seems sky missed the split and weren't too arsed about getting back on. My blanket Valverde FP's seem to be paying off though...

This Soler kid looks red hot.

gerry12ie wrote:
Seems sky missed the split and weren't too arsed about getting back on. My blanket Valverde FP's seem to be paying off though...

This Soler kid looks red hot.

Froome: "I think a lot of people might under estimate today's stage."

I guess he must have been talking the entire Sky team.
Caught with their pants down again, just like at the Vuelta.

About 50 riders outside the time cut, given the chop.

Those who made an effort with their fps didn't do so badly today, either. Wink  Laughing

It would be interesting if they would do so with a week left in it as eliminating 50 riders with a stage to go and eliminating with a week to go is a bit different

Gerry's blanket man wins yet again, from Pantano and Vichot.

Didn't see it because I was chained to the cooker.  The blanket FP approach isn't a tactic I'd normally employ but this race looked to be laid out for Valverde and Movistar - and so it proved.

Valverde might get a couple more years at the top with the introduction of Soler power (somebody had to say it)...

Valverde again.. and some here are not happy with Sagan for dominating? At least some days his tactical naivety means others have chances.

Well, we've had the obligatory Pais Vasco bollard pile up.
Only this year it was caused by the orange and white, plastic variety.
The casualty list:-
Collarbone, scapula & sternum fractures for Steve Cummings.
Broken wrist for Darwin Atapuma.
Collarbone fracture for Daniel Navarro.
Contador also involved, but able to continue. Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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