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Video Postings 101

Who can walk me through the process of uploading a video here? I have an actual wmv file I'd like to share.

Sorry. not an expert on doing fancy things - just took about 5 mins to remember how to post a photo!
Can't you just click on the "Attach File" on the bottom left hand side of the Message body and attach the Video that way?[/video]

I tried both the "video" option and attaching the file, but neither worked.

I just gave up and posted a link for the story I wanted to post. It's on the "Cycling" page.

I've not done video. I know you can upload photos. If you upload the video to YouTube, the video tag works with youtube links. Probably means that the file storage on the MFF site doesn't stream video.

If you just want to allow others to download the video, then you can use the url tag to link it.

Scott, why not put your video on Youtube (You can keep it private if you want to, and it's easy to do).  Then it's easy to get it on here.

I think this is related to the story he posted about the veterans riding across the US.

Oh, OK..  Someone sorted it!

Easy to put stuff on Youtube though, and I think that would be good to put on there! Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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