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Velogames Vuelta up and running.
Are any folks planning on entering teams?
Is it worth setting up a JC league again?

I'm game!

I have entered a team and entered it in the JC league using the password from the last time.  No idea if it works.  I will try really hard to win, but there is something about this game that is too complex, points everyday for everyone for everything.  I expect I will be fifth or sixth, but will celebrate if I make the podium.

It worked for me FF.

League code is 14130341

Worked for me, so we are up and running.


I checked with Ladbrokes, and even with a -500 point handicap Huw is still odds-on favourite to do the treble Laughing

They'll be paying out by the middle of the second week Gerry!

I'll try and get a team entered later today.


team nolte blunt is in.

I'm going to pick a team in about 10 days time when we see who's really got the form and then get my Moroccan and Thai lawyers to backdate my entry to yesterday Wink

Nice idea, Bio.
Not confident about this favourite tag folks are attaching to my team.
To me, it looks very GC lightweight.
Two strong and two, much lesser options, for the top 10 is all I could fit in.
Couldn't find a way to make it 5 GC riders, given the costs involved and the way they were individually classified.

I'm going to need some strong Vuelta rides from my cheap chaps.

HuwB wrote:

I'm going to need some strong Vuelta rides from my cheap chaps.

Now although one can pick bummers on the other restricted choices.  those cheap guys are the real tricks.  I am currently trying to find a fourth guy I am happy with.



Might have change one of those by the end of the evening if I stay awake long enough.

My other guys are Betancur, Uran, Nibali, Kreuziger, and Pinot.  I know Pinot is probably a loser, but still, he is French and young, and with so many finishes on high, without a descent, he might win a stage or something.

Bloody lottery in my mind.

Well my comments about a one point Betancur take on a whole new meaning when I reviewed how it was going this morning Rolling Eyes

For my part, Betancourt is only one of my four almost total failures.  The only real battle I am engaged in this league, in which I shall never play again, is whether I will avoid the last place, or whether one other worthy might cushion my fall to ignominy.

Fontfroide wrote:
For my part, Betancourt is only one of my four almost total failures.  The only real battle I am engaged in this league, in which I shall never play again, is whether I will avoid the last place, or whether one other worthy might cushion my fall to ignominy.

Say it ain't so FF  Crying or Very sad At least we just have to choose one team one time, far easier than Cobblestone and we can all fluff our choices - I chose Pozzato (i swear he was in the startlist!) only for him to win Plouay, Scarponi, Nocentini, and Henao's been seriously lacking the beetroot.

Hopefully the Winter break will heal your wounds and you'll be back on it for the Giro  Smile

Velogames actually do a Spring Classics campaign that allows for transfers between races.  It's rather good and I did well in it, not that you could guess from my GT debacles...

Continuing to wonder why I am doing so colossally badly on this game I did some research.  And by the way, thank goodness for Gerry, or I would be bottom.

I found that I am the only one who has four riders who have scored 0-4 points.  The four includes Betancurt, who at least scored, unlike my other three.  Gerrans, Fernandez and Lignano (how did I pick HIM, I don't even know who he is?).  While I might have a tendency to pick losers that is a record no one will beat.  Even though I sincerely hope I will not be last, in the end.  

But I am done with that game, it clearly does not agree with me at all.

If at first you don't succeed, quit?
A lot of us suffered from Betancur's relatively reasonable price for such a potential earner.
Few knew he started the Vuelta ill and would also quit, effort wise, from the gun.
There was a clear policy: to buy the 3 most expensive picks, supported by  the best of the mid-priced bunch.
Get that right and you were home, free. Be savy enough to figure out which 4 pointers were in form and riding with a free role and you in with a shot of the overall.

The trouble is, none of the above is as easy at it seems, sans hindsight.

No, there is something about that Velo game which disturbs me a bit.  Have not yet put my finger on it, but I think the scoring system is too complicated.  Its like those games where you change your team in mid race, I just won't play them.

Yes, I did badly this year, picked four guys who between them scored four points, and four riders got injured or dropped out.  Obviously some of that is just bad luck, but some of it is not fully grasping the system.  

A bit like how I have never really adapted to our new system of scoring.  The first year I finished third, I think.  After that the picking got a bit more complicated, and I lost touch.  So for example, I might have even won the whole Vuelta thing had I stuck with either Rodriguez or Ulissi when they finished one two on that stage.  In fact, sticking with Ulissi would have taken points form Tanya and added them to me.  Instead I went for "the big win", not wanting to double up other choices.  Bad decision.  But constrained a little bit by the system.  On the other hand, one of my well known character faults.

But the real reason is that I am simply spending too much time on the fantasy leagues and keeping up on who is riding which race.  Even though it is a bit of fun and mostly enjoy doing it.  I don't know about the rest of you, but it takes me quite a time to enter all the leagues.  I want to do some other stuff with my time.  Partly health problems mean I have fewer and fewer alert alive hours of the day.

I expect I will still have one team or two in the GTs and probably enter FPs in the big Tours as well, maybe a one day race or two.  The ones I simply do not miss on TV, live.  I do have a bit of fun, and although I try really hard to care, it doesn't really matter if I win or lose.  I prefer winning, but don't mind losing.

Or maybe I will keep going.  But I do get a bit fed up sometimes with the time I blow.  And as I get older, I realise I have less time.  I won't go down that path though.

FF - for me you are the moral winner, in fact you are my Freddy Wink

Thanks all for the games, I enjoy them.  As usual I sucked in our game, started ok with the Giro but got progressively worse through the other GTs, and failed to trouble the scorers at all in the Vuelta.  I did well in the Velogames spring classics game but then came the monster Huw :lol:who was only just deprived of a treble in the GTs by Bio and Maffy in the Vuelta.  I think the games are a nice little diversion and I genuinely marvel at how some (generally Huw, Maffy and SS) are gifted with such insight and knowledge.  We all have our little moments (some more than others) though and that what makes it enjoyable.

Gerry, you are a sweetheart.  Merci.

And I do agree with you that while I know I love the velo, love riding it, love knowing about the races and the riders, even like going to my club meetings, there are those amongst us, like the ones you name and maybe one or two who don't play regularly, who have a greater feel, knowledge and calculating ability that the rest of us.  Respect to them, and more power to us.

Also I got a bit tired of the games last season as well.  At the end.  So no doubt a bit of rest in the off season and I might be back.  But maybe pick my games.  For example, on the Cobblestone game I am far and away the worst, by a huge distance, on the semi-classic stage races.  I think I would almost be even with Maffy if I did reasonably well.  He, on the other hand does those races well.  So next year I might just do the GTs.  

I do admit I like when I score points though.  Although occasionally I make up a fantastic but believable story about why a particular outsider will win.  Even if the story is wrong, I LOVE making it up.  What would be even nicer is having a near neighbour who I meet up with in a cafe, when we sit down and discuss our choices.  THAT would be very cool.

Currently looking over the results for the young French guys or British to figure out who to back.  I now nothing about young riders from any other country.  Le Cuisinier, Owain whatever, Gougeard, Le Gac are they really that good?  Remember Laurent (?) Madouas?  His kid is a very promising junior.  And so on.

We are better for knowing them FF Wink  salut

Oh yeah, Gerry, you missed one other consistent and skilled picker.  AND he is from Michigan, like me.  The fruit and berry grower with the dicky heart (was it the heart?), Bill Gull.  He picks with no apologies, cares little if he doubles up, just sits up there and spends his probably valuable spare time (farming is actually not always easy) figuring out how to beat nearly all of us, nearly every year.  Doesn't say a lot (unlike, for example, me), just makes good picks. Forum Index -> Fantasy Cycling Games and Quizzes
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