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Velogames Tour de Suisse

JC League created -  12114206 to join

Thanks for the league, but where's your team, Gerry?

Ha Very Happy

Just joined the League, sorry about that.

Got minorly depressed about my chances, when Pozzo left, now that Bradley is gone, I guess someone has to be at the bottom, and this time it is me.  Still, teaches one a bit of humility, shows the role of luck and takes the edge off any gloating tendencies I might have.  

I checked, no one else has picked either Wiggo or Pozzo, so clearly a matter of bad judgement I have to digest alone.  Never did like the tour of Romandie or the Tour of Suisse all that much.  Although they are cycling and racing, so I always take a certain pleasure.

Not my race I don't think.  Not only did I pick Wiggins and Pozzvivo to get me points in the mountains and in the ITT, but I also picked Dowsett and Dennis for more points in the two time trials.  Ha Ha Ha.

Better do a bit better in the Tour.

checking into velogames, it turned out quite close in the end

Nolte - pEn Phil 1 4143
almaty maffy 2 4135
Kelly`s Heroes MellowV 3 3764
Rockers Uptown Gerry 4 2415
BMC Retirement Home PaddyFitz 5 2226
Team Occitan fontfroide 6 969

I was 121st overall though and maffy 127th.

Well done Nolte, hard to beat Maffy at any of this stuff.  Well done.
Maffy, as usual, quite excellent.

I say nothing about my own choices and score.  Nothing. Forum Index -> Fantasy Cycling Games and Quizzes
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