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Velogames Tour de France

The JC velogames TDF league is open and the password is 14130341

Huw won the Giro handy enough from Bio and myself, although it is well worth noting that if they had points deducted for Santombrogio things would have been very different... Wink

Its a good little game but it might be nice idea to allow a substitute or two.

Re: Velogames Tour de France

gerry12ie wrote:
. . . although it is well worth noting that if they had points deducted for Santombrogio things would have been very different... Wink

Slipping into 3rd person mode: Bio has no problem with waiting for 8 years for the official result after everyone has been retrospectively tested Wink

Good stuff, i mean the league not the dope, but if you are doping let's hope it's the very bestest dope!

Provisional team entered, but I reckon a lot of domis are missing, so I expect to change................plenty.

My team is entered,but the balance is not right.  Must fiddle around with it a bit before the deadline.

Mind you, I made such a hash of the last one, I am not too concerned.  

I do wish we would discuss making a skilful team given the rules.  I am sitting out here in the sticks,with not one person I know who cares about this game, just guessing how to make a team that wins.  I learned last time, and actually learned in other games, that you have to have guys who score, not people you hope will score.  I thin last time I had three guys who scored almost nothing or nothing.

Do some of you go for stage winners or GC guys or sprinters or what?

For example, I would like to have at least two good sprinters, maybe three.  I learned the only way to do that is have a sprinter as a wildcard.

Further, is there any point in picking a second rider who might do really well form a team with an obvious leader.  For example, Porte AND Froome.  Or Quintana AND Valverde, just to give two obvious examples.

Just thinking.  the categorisation of riders leads to problems the Cobblestone game or the Fantasy Tour do not have.

Here's my provisional team FF & my thinking behind it:

Froome for the GC and possible mountain stages.
Cavendish for the sprints / possible green jersey (Sagan prob favourite for green though)
Mollema / Martin for general lumpy stuff
Quintana for the mountains - possibility of young rider - must check if he's eligible -  and/or polka dot
Voeckler for Les Dawson face points and breakaways
Terpstra/Chavanel for medium classic type stages.
Stannard for assists. ( he was cheap! )

I think the idea of having say Porte and Froome together is good - good chances of them getting 1-2's in stages, Porte will be gifted a 'thankyou' stage somewhere and he'll get good assist points too.

So there it is - my recipe for The Lanterne Rouge!

To be honest FF, it varies from GT to GT, depending on the parcour.
As of now, I have 3 bottom priced riders, who are unlikely to score much at all.
That won't work, since you can't start the Tour carrying 3 riders and the provability to lose more through crashes etc.

To get the right balance, compromises must be made, as with all these games.
Ultimately, compromise dictates strategy.

Fontfroide wrote:
Do some of you go for stage winners or GC guys or sprinters or what?

In Noel's game I generally just go with Sprinters and GC'ers. Number of sprinters determined by parcours. If I'm running out of cash I try to pick the KOM (the winner is usually very cheap) instead of another GC man, but that's a tricky one to get right so I tend not to. If you do get it right though, it's a lot of points and hauls you right up the rankings.

In Velogames this year, I more or less just copied my Noel team over apart from an enforced change. Doing well in one, meant doing well in the other.

Currently going with (but changes could happen)

Pinot (French sentiment)
Bouhanni (more French sentiment)

The ones who might change are Hesjedal and Amador, although once you get down to the guys worth 6 or four it is tough.  I am debating Cav too, but it is so hard to leave him out, since he will win something.

Hesjedal is a bit dubious, but I figure he was feeling good and maybe they found out what was ailing him.  Martin will win something.  Bardet has been flirting with success for sometime.  Bouhanni, well he will make news one way or another.

thought I might draw to your attention the fact that I am at the top of the JC league for the Tour.

Decided to go for Valverde instead of Hesjedal.  Happy with the rest of them.

I have picked a team, but may change it later!

my team

Alberto Contador TST 22
Alejandro Valverde MOV -14
Joaquin Rodriguez KAT 18
Thibaut Pinot FDJ 8
Peter Sagan CAN 18
Niki Terpstra OPQ 4
Manuel Quinziato BMC 4
Michael Albasini OGE 6
Rui Costa MOV 6

Think I'm a bit short of sprinters!
Slapshot 3

I've enough trouble keeping up with here and Noel's game never mind anything else!!

Okay scrap that..........

Penguin Power

Alberto Contador
Richie Porte
Nairo Quintana
Daniel Navarro Thibaut Pinot
Mark Cavendish
Thomas Voeckler
Sylvain Chavanel
Gorka Verdugo
Sep Vanmarcke Maartin Tjallingi

Team Nolte - Blunt

Rider Team Cost
Christopher Froome SKY 26
Tejay van Garderen BMC 14
Jakob Fuglsang AST 8
Jurgen Van den Broeck LTB 10
Mark Cavendish OPQ 18
Gatis Smukulis KAT 4
Kris Boeckmans VCD 6
Romain Bardet ALM 4
Daniel Martin GRS 10

I also put together my cobblestone team. target Austria Very Happy

My Velogames team

Alberto Contador TST 22 - - - - - - - - 0
Alejandro Valverde MOV 14 - - - - - - - - 0
Joaquin Rodriguez KAT 18 - - - - - - - 6 6
Thibaut Pinot FDJ 8 - - - - - - - - 0
Peter Sagan CAN 18 - - - - 3 - - - 3
Niki Terpstra OPQ 4 - - - - - - - - 0
Manuel Quinziato BMC 4 - - - - - - - - 0
Michael Albasini OGE 6 - 2 - - - - - 3 5
Rui Costa MOV 6 - - - - - - - - 0

Rockers Uptown


I did rather well out of today and appear to have picked another 4 point "gem"
in Julien Simon. Smile

Alberto Contador TST 22
Alejandro Valverde MOV 14
Jakob Fuglsang AST 8
Bauke Mollema BLA 8
Peter Sagan CAN 18
Andrey Amador MOV 4
Julien Simon SOJ 4
Michal Kwiatkowski OPQ 8
Andre Greipel LTB 14

Swapping out Cav for Greipel in order to pick up Kwiatkowski also seems to be the right the moment.

I found all the various leagues tricky to pick this Tour. Far too little money to go around for my first choices. Particularly with Velogames for me. Ended up with 3 x 4 points in my unclassified. Will probably prove very foolish. Think my last but one iteration had Kristoff as a sprinter and Kwiatkowski as unclassified who was then dropped to 'upgrade' Kristoff to Greipel. Well I think that's what I did. I think I regret that one now (if indeed I did it).


I would post my team, but it has so many zeros it is embarrassing.  You all can click and find out anyway.  There is something fundamental about this Velogames thing that I don't take account of, like I don't even know, without reading the rules (a good idea) what as assist is.  And it seems there are way too many points being attributed to various riders for I know know what.

Has anyone noticed just how far Huw is at the moment?  Man alive, its impressive!

He's kicking our asses!

I would pretend to comfort myself by saying 2nd isn't too bad, but the reality is I'm a mere 3991 places behind him Laughing

Looking at all the other leagues, he's kicking everyone's asses too and 17th overall!!!


I notice his choices, with one exception, have scored many points. I notice my team has many zeroes. I think he is just a better picker than most of us. But then he has that TV with a special aerial, a fair bit of time when he has to stay home, and inside knowledge. Huw is good!

I also notice he has entered three other competitions, and maybe without the same team. No doubt he is doing well in those leagues as well. For example, he is TOPS in the Bike Radar league. Tops in Velorooms, whatever that is. And tops in CN. No one in any of the four leagues has done better than "our Huw".

On the other hand, you are not doing too badly in the Cobblestone overall.  Nice choices.

JohnD wrote:
Have a great holiday Bio!

Thanks John. I see you've relived me of the stressful position of being second to Huw in the Velogame. I can just relax and go for stage wins now Wink

Good luck with your big cycle too!! I shall look forward to the race report to add our growing anthology here Smile

Cheers Bio!  Cav, Mollema & Terpstra in the top 5 for a stage - whodathunkit?!  Voeckler has sofar given nul points tho'.

Will try with the report but it won't be no Illiad, more, er, 'The Moon People' Smile

Well done Huw again, who adds the Tour to his Giro win and also wins all 4 leagues he entered.

Good stuff Huw, you sped away from the off!

Which rider disappointed the most?  Voeckler was mine with nul points.

You were outstanding.  I only wish I were your neighbour and could chat over choices and maybe do a bit better.

I was hideously awful this year on that game.  I managed to pick Bouhanni, Pinot and Kessiakoff (second last year in KOM) all of whom scored zero points and none of whom finished the race.  I sure do have good intuitions.

But I was really impressed with Huw.

There is something about that scoring system which I find a little bit odd, never have understood it.  NOt blaming the system for bad choices.  When one third or one's team scores nothing, what can you do.

Just back from the S of F and the Velogames result is the first thing I look at!
Slipped a little during that final tough run in, but I'm stiill pretty chuffed with the end result.
Keeping a full squad certainly helped and but for one, slightly disappointing ride from my other dark horse and Bertie's climbing legs surprisingly falling off, who knows?

FF: The key ingredient? Luck.

HuwB wrote:

FF: The key ingredient? Luck.

I am perfectly happy to accept that a bit of luck is part of the deal.  It is rather unusual (for me) to carefully pick three guys who do not finish and do not score diddly.  However that being said, picking a squad where all nine finish means you score well, but picking the RIGHT full squad is maybe a bit lucky, but not entirely.  Some of us know more about and read more about current events in the bike world than others.  You are one of those who have a bit of bike intelligence married to a bit of bike knowledge which equals good picks.  Credit where credit is due.  

Look at Neil's game for confirmation.  My real team never recovered from the crashes of the first week.  Although my experimental team did way better than I thought it would.   Without Valverde's wheel problem it would have been great, although picking Goss and Bouhanni was not very clever.  

What the devil happened to Goss anyway?  I never heard a peep.

All good fun, with luck being a part.  But knowledge and experience being another big part. Forum Index -> Fantasy Cycling Games and Quizzes
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