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Velogames Tour de France 2015

Velogames TDF is now up and running for entries.
League already set up.

Code: 25130850
Name: Justcycling

Thanks Huw

Team Occitan has just undergone its first incarnation.  Not the last for sure.

No second team this time around.  Just the one for me.

Great start, Gerry.
73rd overall out of +30,000 entries on day one.

Very intelligent picks for the first day.  Like a break with a lead of 20 minutes.  Will we catch you?  

I looked at my own picks and wonder if I meant to go back and do something better.

HuwB wrote:
Great start, Gerry.
73rd overall out of +30,000 entries on day one.

TBH I couldn't believe my luck that I managed to pack Dennis, Martin and Dumoulin on to my team - nor could I believe that there were some above that had picked those three plus Cancellara and Kelderman Shocked

Maybe Matthews and Valverde can give me a good first week, but after that I'm preparing for mid-table obscurity.

Darragh Byrne is colleague of mine if ye were wondering who The Goats were...

at first rest day

2223 points Kelly`s HeroesMellowV
2095 pointsNolte - PenPhil
2033 pointsThe B teamHuwB
2025 pointsRockers UptownFlandria
1988 pointsBMC Retirement HomePaddy Fitz
1613 pointsTeam OccitanFonfroide
1563 pointsThe GoatsCould Do Better

at the second rest day

3713 points The B team HuwB
3517 points Kelly`s Heroes MellowV
3414 points BMC Retirement Home Paddy Fitz
3325 points Rockers Uptown Flandria
3292 points Nolte - Pen Phil
3108 points The Goats Could Do Better
2708 points Team Occitan Fonfroide

final standings

7126 points   The B team   HuwB
6641 points    BMC Retirement Home    Paddy Fitz
5622 points    Rockers Uptown    Flandria
5420 points    Kelly`s Heroes    MellowV
5358 points    The Goats    Could Do Better
5327 points    Nolte - Pen    Phil
4504 points    Team Occitan    Fonfroide Forum Index -> Fantasy Cycling Games and Quizzes
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