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Velogames TDF 2016

League Code 423023481512

I remembered to join this time, unlike Swiss, which I joined yesterday, only to find I was last! Embarassed  Laughing

This is really hard, too.
Sprinters being essential and given the way the GC men are priced and split between climbers and all rounders, I can't come up with any depth.

I tried the real easy route - Froome, Quintana, Sagan and 6 pack mules but couldnt quite manage it.  After some jigging around I ended up with Froome, Sagan, Alaphilippe, Aru and 5 pack mules.  

It's safe to assume that one of my big hitters will be on their arse come stage 2...

Me, I tried to forget about any of the big stars except Sagan.  I have no Quintana, no Froome and no Contador.  An experiment.  I think I can safely predict the result, finishing last or second last, but I thought I would give it a go.  I fear my enthusiasm is diminishing and not entering our competition mostly is not helping.  Still, I enjoy anyway.

my team is in

now time to spend the next 3 hours jiggling it around Very Happy

Struggling. I actually think it's that bit too hard the way they've ranked the riders. Given the need to go with the big names to score the base points, there's less scope for those that watch races all year around to put together a stronger support group because the budget is gone.

Not totally sure, but for some reason I can't even remember, several days ago before I went to Ventoux area with some pals on bikes, I entered two teams.  I think I thought more teams would make it more interesting.  On the other hand, maybe I just will make others look good since they will beat one more team.  We shall see.  I think I also missed Nick Toon's game and wanted another team.  

We shall see.

at the first rest day

2292 points Team Occitan Fontfroide
2234 points almaty maffy
2003 points Rockers Uptown Fladria
1952 points BMC Retirement HomePaddy Fitz
1912 points Froome Followers DA_BUN
1493 points Team Tantajo Tom Tantajo
1450 points Nolte - Pen Phil
1124 points Kelly`s Heroes MellowV

neither my two sprinters producing anything in kristoff and matthews, my other category riders of gallopin, sepulveda and pantano have been quiet thus far

Frankly, I can't share this wonderful news with anyone I know.  Fantasy cycling teams are of no interest to almost everyone I know.  So I can only share it with you guys.  In fact, only about four or five of you, the rest can't be bothered to enter Velogames.

Anyway, due partly to the fact that Pantano and Majka are on my team, I currently am doing better than I have ever done on Velogames since I began entering.  I am in the top six tenths of one percent, 276th out of (apparently) 42,166.  I know well it is mostly luck, and I DO NOT expect any messages, private or otherwise.  But goodness, I was bursting with pride and luck today.  I have none of the top four GC in my team, so this won't last very long, certainly I will fall heavily at the end of the race, but hey …

My second "fun team" is bottom of our league, just to keep a perspective on things.

Bravo FF.  You take out of it what you put in Very Happy Forum Index -> Fantasy Cycling Games and Quizzes
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