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Velogames Spring Classics 2016

The Spring Classics game - with transfers - is back.  JC League code 17113612

gerry making use of his day off too Smile

when i enter the code, it's not coming up

Okeydoke - try 17152224 instead.

Thanks, that works Smile

Nolte wrote:
Thanks, that works Smile

You should be watching horse racing and not wasting your youth hanging around cycling forums Very Happy  Very Happy

Too many changes and too much work for me.  See you at the next stage race where one pick lasts a few days.

Fontfroide wrote:
Too many changes and too much work for me. See you at the next stage race where one pick lasts a few days.

That's why it's the best game in the calendar.
It's not that much effort, given you only have 24 transfers.

I'm a bit behind, but getting a MSR team sorted today.

I know you are probably right.  But I am doing a lot of chopping out activities this year, I just have accumulated too many tasks inn a given day.  Gotta kick back a bit more.  Also I want to get fit this year for two bike related holidays.  So anytime the weather is good, I want to be out on the bike.  I have a long way to go.  My goal is 80k with 800 m climbing by the Tour.  I will still do any stage races where you can pick a team and just watch how they do.  I did very well on the TA and PN, so I am encouraged.  But keeping up on exactly who is riding which races, and is that enough to change a rider, or how many places do I save for the riders for the hilly bits later too much.

Have a good time.


549 points almaty maffy
422 points Nolte - Pen Phil
406 points BMC Retirement Home Paddy Fitz
403 points Rockers Uptown Flandria
381 points Kelly`s Heroes MellowV

close 41 points separating 2nd to 5th

Still waiting upon the final, LBL update, but congratulations in advance to Maffy: a class apart.
Disastrous pave campaign, but managed to pull my socks up a bit in the hills.

Just a heads up that there is a Romandie game all set up and ready to go.
Deadline around lunchtime tomorrow.

Yes, hats off to Maffy for a Sterling performance. I was positively Euro by comparison . . .

I put in a Romandie team with about 3 minutes thought during a meeting this morning. Do we have a code or (m)any entrants?

interesting that the whole of page one teams are at least 2-300 points down on the last couple of years. changing of the guard or more realistic rider values?

got distracted around brabantse. was supposed to have gaspa in for that and was stubborn enough not to pick him thereafter. made kittel for schelderprijs seem wasteful.

at some point between p-n and p-r the fr2 and 3 on 5w went hd, which with a week of sunshine between snow, led to a fried inverto dual lnb on the big dish for the ardennes. freezing on hd (and the "complicated" rais on 5w) the damn thing only lasted 9 years. thought it might be the second expensive satcard giving up. still haven't trimmed the 13e and 19.2e trees. fine for 16e, annoyingly. is it nearly time for more mad team echelons on 7e yet? arroyo must have this sewn up on apple mountain.

bike channel uk pic quality gives recordings that somehow manage to get larger when compacted but at least has decent commentary, in english and actually about the bike race they're showing instead of random shouting about made up shit. wouldn't pay for it though - low bandwidth and still too many adverts.

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