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Velogames Paris Nice

I set up the velogames for paris nice if anyone is interested


Just whizzed through my team and entered them without a second thought.  Really very much quicker than thinking about it for a long time.

Team Occitan.  

Will fill in the list for the league and if no one else enters, I am guaranteed a win!

Good work Nolte.

I'm in.  Are you in Nolte?  I don't see your team and I do recall setting up a league on velogames before and then forgetting to add myself...

Just the two of us so far, Gerry.

A bit put off by losing my main guy so quickly, but Bardet did cheat, and got caught.  Bye bye.  He doesn't usually do that sort of thing, but he made a clear apology and sloped off to train a bit more.

i've joined now  Embarassed   Embarassed

been so long that i didn't realise i needed to join the league i set up, which i'm laughing at  Very Happy

my thoroughbred team of bardet, porte, smukulis etc etc

our final standings as 400 points separate the top 3

2484 points Team Occitan Fontfroide
2260 points Rockers Uptown Flandria
2076 points Nolte - Pen Phil

Trying to be good Forum member, I entered a team in the Classics.  However, I have to change riders all during April so I will probably lose interest.  If we have a league, I will provide cannon fodder. Forum Index -> Fantasy Cycling Games and Quizzes
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