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Velogames Giro d'Italia

Folks just a reminder that the Velogames JC mini league password is 29125155

So far Huw, JohnD and yours truly are in.

Just noticed Herrada seems to be out so scuttles off to change team...

I have entered a team and just joined the JC league.

The mechanics are busy in the BMC Retirement Home tonight!

Looking at the points scored by various riders, and their position on GC, there is a disconnect that I better figure out before next year.  I am going to have actually read the scoring rules, as some riders that seems to me should have lots of points have not so many and vice versa.  Don't usually think that about these games.  

I am not merely talking about some bad picks I made that were stupid and I thought I might have inside knowledge and I didn't.  Atapuma was a waste of space, so were Machado, Durbridge and Oliveria.  Next time, I am going to  only pick riders I actually know about personally.  Riders that score zero or close to are really quite silly.  Surprised I am not last with four duff riders.

I also didn't know the last rider could be anyone, I thought it had to be a low-priced fellow.  Didn't read the rules.  Besides making bad picks.

Gerry would you do the honours & create a league for the TdF please? Forum Index -> Fantasy Cycling Games and Quizzes
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