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Velogames 2016 Paris-Nice

Anyone playing?  I have picked my team.  Not sure how to make a code for our group though.

FF - see 2015 thread

League code for this year  JC League 04161351

I hope the magnificently named PISHPEK-ALA-TOO P/B KYRGYZFISHMINISTRY wins this. I have no doubt that even more thought went in to the team selection than the team title, so I think we have just cause to worry.

Although hoping that Maffy wins a fantasy cycling competition is a bit like 'hoping' that Barcelona will win La Liga, Bayern the Bundesliga, or that Aidan O'Brien might win the Derby etc...

Gotta admit that lad has personality.
And he might well win.  I shall look up from the bottom and see how he does.

bla bla bla dropped bling for inexplicable cross-border flag-of-convenience reasons. not really bothered honest apart from the spring classics game bla bla bla.

did find a suitable spot for testing the walkalongside function of the fabulous candelabra addition to the old portable-supermassive-black-hole utility bike.


Just a small point.  Looking over our choices and trying to figure out why each person chose which riders, and why, is a fascinating exercise.  While none of us are going to "win", the choices are intriguing.  One thing I wish sometimes is that we were all able to get together in a cafe or bar or something and discuss the various choices that are possible.  And then make our own of course.  I would like that.  Life is tough, as it will never happen.

Having a few minutes before hitting the sack, I looked closely at our choices.  Here is out collective best team, composed by who got the most choices between the six of us.  Many intriguing choices with only one person, including Matthews and Contador, picked by one one person.  No doubt I made a mistake or two, but here we go.  Let's hope Dumoulin and Thomas do well.

Dumoulin 6
Thomas 6
Gallopin 3
Kristoff 3
Kittel 3
Costa 2
Spilak 2
Vichot 2
Vuilermoz 2
Bouhanni 2

I know there are ten, and the teams are only nine, but hey.

final standings

2669 points Nolte - Pen Phil
2640 points Team Occitan Fontfroide
2559 pointsBMC Retirement HomePaddy Fitz
2537 points Rockers Uptown Flandria
2334 points Pishpek-Ala-Too p/b KyrgyzFishMinistrymaffy
2160 points Kelly`s Heroes MellowV
1733 points Epic Failures Darragh Forum Index -> Fantasy Cycling Games and Quizzes
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