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Update on the Inaugural Tour of America

In an Effort to be Included on the UCI Calendar,
Aqu, Inc. Reschedules Inaugural Tour of America Until 2009

Pressing forward with route details and sponsorship agreements,
Aqu also announces executive team

LUMBERTON, N.C. - March 31, 2008 - Aqu, Inc., organizers of The Tour of America, a multi-stage coast-to-coast professional bicycle road race, today announced rescheduling of the inaugural race until September 2009.

Since the original announcement of the Tour of America in September 2007, Aqu executives and staff members have met with cities along the proposed route, potential sponsors and race teams, as well as staff members of USA Cycling and the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the sport"s governing bodies.

"After we announced the Tour of America last fall, we hit the ground running to make the event happen in 2008," said Frank Arokiasamy, Aqu"s president and director of the Tour of America. "Everyone we have spoken with wants to see a 'Tour de France-style" race here in the United We want to work with USA Cycling and UCI to establish this event as a compliment to the major international races, and at the same time not conflict with established races in the United States. Overall, we want to make sure the Tour of America strengthens the sport of cycling and the race calendar. In addition, potential sponsors and route cities have expressed strong support for a fall 2009 race."

Exact dates for the fall 2009 edition of the Tour of America has not been finalized. Tour of America staff are currently finalizing route details, sponsorship agreements and proposed dates to comply with USA Cycling"s race application process. Once the application is submitted, USA Cycling will review it and submit the 2009 Tour of America"s dates, along with all of the races on the national calendar, to the UCI for approval.

The Tour of America currently includes a staff of more than 25 people, including the following:

Tour Director and Sponsorship - Frank Arokiasamy
Race Director - Richard Dunn
Team Relations Director - Todd Nurnberger
City Relations Director - A.M. Noel
Events Director - Rachel Enter-Guzman
Volunteer Director - Rick Warren
Marketing Director - Brian Ispen
Merchandising Director - Auburn Collins
For more biographical information about the above staff members, please visit the About Us page.

The 2009 Tour of America is also looking for volunteers to help with city and race coordination along the race route. For more information about volunteering, please visit the Volunteer page.

The Tour of America will be a 21-stage, 2,200 mile (more than 3,500 km) professional bicycle road race. It will be the largest spectator event in the history of U.S. sports, traveling from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The event will include close to 200 riders, from 21 of the world's elite cycling teams in the world to participate and will boast a prize purse currently pegged at $10 million, the largest purse of any international cycling event.
The Tour of America will start in New York"s Central Park and finish in San Francisco Bay Area. (To see the complete schedule, please visit the Routes page.

Until this venture by Aqu, all major international cycling races were held outside the U.S. Smaller stage races are currently held throughout the United States and draw respectable spectator crowds and provide significant economic impact to local communities. However, these races are geographically located within single states, while The Tour of America will span approximately 18 states and will travel through hundreds of towns and cities along the way. As such, the 2009 Tour of America is expected to attract literally millions of spectators along the 2,200-mile route.

Cities along the race"s route include New York City, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Denver, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Napa, Santa Rosa and Palo Alto, to name a few.

For information about The Tour of America, please visit

About Aqu, Inc.
North Carolina-based Aqu, Inc. is the parent company of AquSports. Founded in July 2007 by Frank Arokiasamy, AquSports is the producer and organizer of the 2009 Tour of America, a multi-stage, coast-to-coast, professional international bicycle road race. For more information about The Tour of America, please visit

try this link.. looks promising that's for sure.. Very Happy

DOA, just like 2008.

Another GT, so McQuaid will something else to f up...just what we need.  It will never work.

The guy is still talking about this. Next year will be the year of course Wink

Tour of America Down Down But Not Out

I think a better heading would have been ToA, not DOA, yet. Wink

just like tomorrow being my favourite day, it must be that next year is the guy's favourite year Forum Index -> Around the World
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