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Tyres and the turbo

We've been using our racer on the turbo over winter and wonder if it's likely to have done damage to the tyres = they conti GP 4000 tyres. We've not used the turbo very much - perhaps a dozen sessions for 30 mins. What do people think? Should we get some new tyres before going off for a week's riding in the hills?

no. thats not enough time to ruin a tire. Having said that, once my road tires get long in the tooth, they get slapped right on top of a cheap rear wheel that I use for the turbo. my tires flat spot both on the crown and lengthwise on the turbo pretty fast.


how are you finding the gp4000s? Im liking mine quite a bit.

cheers - thought as much but my other half wanted to replace the tyres. i've not tried them yet - i'm borrowing his bike next week (mine's in storage as I've just returned from maternity leave from the road bike) for some fun in the mountains so will let you know how they are later.

If they look ok they probably will be ok. I was ruining tyres on my turbo until I got one of those special turbo tyres - the conti one. Forum Index -> The Garage
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