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Twitter, Tweet, Tw*t.....

Sorry if this has been done before, but I am sooooooo bored I was just wondering if anyone on here Twitters/Tweets (or whatever you call it) or do you regularly follow anyone on Twitter.

I delve into it now and again just to see what Armstrong, Wiggins and Andy Murray are up to, but I don't have an account or anything and wouldn't say I was a regular.


our own hero!

Betsy does too, but I don't know her twitter name

I've got an account, but never really got into it.  I had it set up, following and with followers, when it was suddenly all clobbered and I had to start again.

It's in my sig.

It takes a while to get into and you need to know what you want out of it (which of course you don't know when you sign up). I follow some people I know, various politics things and some cyclists/cycling people (like our festinagirl). I find some of the cyclists interesting and some useless (TUE gets how to use it, but not many do - Cavendish is pretty rubbish at it).
Slapshot 3

just got aclever mobile that lets me do stuff! SlapshotJC now stalking following Festinagirl and her exploits! Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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