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Twiddler's second Feb weekend training ride.

After a lazy (so my wife said) Saturday, I forced myself out on a cold (ca 4C) but bright Sunday morning. I decided to head away from Zurich towards Luzern but started regretting it when I rode into fog after 15km or so. After another 25 to 30 kilometres of not seeing much more than about 50 metres ahead, I got to the lake Vierwaldstaettersee (Lake Luzern). Then it started to get brighter and eventually fog disappeared when I got to Brunnen. Then I had to grunt over a 900m pass back towards Zurich and a warm bath. Total ride on two bananas and a power bar was 115km.

Just getting out of the fog zone. This was taken near Gersau home of the infamous Oscar (I don't dope) Camenzind. There's a Youth Hostel down below on the lakeside.

Brunnen, a view of the little and great Myth mountains complete with some old bike again:

About one third the way along the pass road looking back towards Schwyz:


Twiddler, you are a lucky son of a gun Very Happy


That bike is looking lonely again!

And ditto to what BG said! Forum Index -> Around the World
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