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Tri bars

Not my sort of thing (time trialing that is - i prefer mountains) but my partner has recently taken up triathlon, from having been a runner before, and i'm thinking of getting him some tri bars for Xmas for his new bike.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

He's tall (over 6' 2") - if this has anything to do with it - and not 100% comfortable yet with riding on the drops as he's only been cycling this season.

Suggestions welcome.

Personally I'm soooo not up to date with all the latest technology as I can't afford toys and my bike works quite fine so I can't help recommend any product. (my tri-bars are about 15 years old)

One thing I can say is this. If he ain't happy on the drops I really don't recommend Tr-bars. They are more unbalancing than the drops as they put weight on the steering and move your centre of gravity further forward than the natural geometry of the bike is designed for.

Remeber all those crashes in the Pro races in the early 90's with the mini tri-bars with no brakes. Forum Index -> The Garage
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