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Mrs John Murphy

Tour Oscars

Simple idea, often the points system doesn't really reflect the skills of a number of jerseys. So a completely unscientific approach and one that enables you to be as biased as possible, simply nominate who you think has been the best at the various disciplines during this race:

Best overall rider (Yellow):

Best sprinter (Green):

Best climber (Polka dots):

Young rider (white):


Aggressive (not in the Cuddles sense of the word):

Disappointment (merde):

Yellow: Nothing arbitrary here, Nibali was head and shoulders above the rest.

Green: Sprinters need to win - Kristoff

Climber: Has to be Majka

White: Pinot deserved the real win with honourable mentions for Bardet, Majka and Slagter - but it's hard to believe that Sagan has yet another points win and still so young

Team: NetApp - top ten in their last two GTs.  

Aggressive: There was a lot to like about Thomas, Nieve and Kiryienka giving it a go in the third week and while certain riders seemed to be nearly always involved in breaks, the always aggressive Slagterplayed a big part in Garmin and Nolte's fine win on Friday

Merde: Valverde

I would add a category for the best stage win: I enjoyed Kadri's win but I thought Tony Martin on stage 9 was just awesome

Best overall rider (Yellow): Nibali

Best sprinter (Green): Kittel

Best climber (Polka dots): Nibali (clearly a better climber than Majka who didn't have the responsibility of the yellow jersey)

Young rider (white): Pinot

Team: Astana / Tinkoff (Astana worked hard to defend the yellow for 18(?) days; Tinkoff did well to implement plan B) AG2R did a great job too.

Aggressive (not in the Cuddles sense of the word): Nibali (he took time on every important day)

Disappointment: Rolland - simply because I don't like him!

gerry12ie wrote:
I would add a category for the best stage win:

So many to choose from Wink  Stage 2. I can't ever remember a GC/climber hijacking a  stage like that.

Best Rider (Yellow) - Nibali

Fastest Sprinter - Kittel

But I thought we'd agreed the Green Jersey wasn't for the fastest sprinter
so (Green) - Sagan, although we didn't see his fabulos descending make much difference this time - I was hoping he might do a Phinney on one stage and just go off the front.

Best Young (White) - Pinot

Best Team - AG2R clearly had the 3 rider thing sorted out well and animated the GC race

Polka Dot - Majka, for the way he had to win it

Merde - Europcar, did anything they try come off ?

Best Stage win - can't decide between Martin and Rogers

Best Rider (yellow):- Nibali.  A nomination of one for that award.

Best Sprinter (green):- Kittel, with Bryan Coquard getting the nod for most impressive attainment.

Best young (white):- I'd give it jointly to Pinot and Bardet. Both have been exemplary throughout the race.

Best climber (polka dot):- Nibali. Won the 3 most crucial summit finishes of the tour.

Best Team:- Ag2r by a street. 2nd, 6th and Blel Kadri.

Maillot Merde:- Sky. No leader, no substitute, no sprinter, no flexibility.
Maillot Merde Individual:-Porte, with a strong showing from Baulke Mollema for his ITT alone.

Most Aggressive:- For once, the French race jury get it right, Alessandro di Marchi
A moderately talented rider to be found here, there and everywhere, in the mountains.
Mrs John Murphy

Mazda - I agree that Green is not for the best sprinter per se, but in this context I wanted to consider it as a discipline in its own right. Similar to climbing - Pantani for example always laughed at Virenque because although Virenque would win the KOM no one really thought that he was the best climber.

Gerry - agree about adding the best stage.
Slapshot 3

Best overall rider (Yellow): Have to agree with everyone, Nibali, easily too easily the best rider on the road

Best sprinter (Green): Kittell was the best sprinter, Sagan just didn't have the edge but you can't fault his consistency

Best climber (Polka dots): Majka, It was cleverly done and for a change a proper competition. Nibali was superb as well, but Majka still had to do enough to beat him

Young rider (white): Tricky one Sagan/Pinot both had the honours for me Pinot for the way he attacked the GC when he needed to and Sagan again for his consistency but you have to give Romain Bardet an honourable mention.

Team: Tinkoff Saxo.... they never gave up after plan A failed... and yes I'm biased

Aggressive (not in the Cuddles sense of the word): Nibali, the attacks....the pure bollox it took to attack the way he did on the cobbles did it for me.

Disappointment (merde): That we didn't see the monumental battle for GC that we hoped, whatever the outcome the battle between Contador, Froome and Nibali....... would have been brilliant

Best Stage: Easy peasy.....The cobbles

Best overall rider (Yellow): it is obviously nibali, the best rider

Best sprinter (Green): looking at a made uppy points system for sprinting, kristoff has 11 points (2 wins 3 pts = 6, 2 2nd 2 pts = 4 and 1 3rd 1 pt), sagan has 9 points (4 2nds 2 pts = 8pts and 3rd 1pt) and kittel has 9 points (3 wins 3 pts )

Best climber (Polka dots): nibali - clearly with peraud the 2nd best.

Young rider (white): while bardet was more agressive, pinot measured efforts better and is deservant best young rider

Team: as a long time Ag2r fan, it has to be ag2r. peraud 2nd bardet 6th (as long as they stay upright *fingers crossed*) and the blel kadri stage win, team classement and they seemed to have riders in the break every day in the mountains although astana showed an excellent control of the race.

Aggressive (not in the Cuddles sense of the word): again hard to look beyond nibali, but majka is a good 2nd.

best stage win: tony gallopin galloping away from the small group after previously attacking and being caught, showing agression and courage to get the win on stage 11, but i do have a soft spot for the gal (gal may have to be rethought).

Disappointment (merde): interesting choice of europcar above, though i am never disapointed by poor performances from them Very Happy the lack of a fight for the gc with contadors abandonment, froome's abandonment and nibali's and astana's excellent control

biggest appointment (or whatever the opposite of disappointment is)- the fight for the podium spots between peraud, bardet, valverde, pinot to try to be on the podium proved very good.

my own addition - hardest worker: kevin reza, he was working for coquard in both intermediary and final sprints, while trying to drive on the breaks for voeckleur, gautier and other team mates, who then failed to make use of his hardwork. he was omnipresent in the race
Mrs John Murphy

Yellow - Nibs - was the best rider and did it without a super strong team.

Green - Kittel - when he was there in the mix he did the business but for a mechanical might have won 4 stages.

KOM - Nibs. Majka sets off too many alarm bells. Nibs was the best climber.

White - close call but Pinot does the job.

Team - FDJ - probably weren't expecting to be in the position they were in. Very surreal to see them leading the select group at the base of a HC climb.

Aggressive - Nibs - key attacks that achieved their aim.

Merde - Sky. A tale of two teams - Saxo lose Dertie and Sky lose Froome. Saxo come away with KOM and 3 stage wins. Sky load up and talk up Porte who then takes the Piti Valverde memorial Maillot Merde.

Stage - Pave

Domestique - Reza

Yes, Reza was immense almost every day and the Europcar dilettantes failed to take any advantage of it. Forum Index -> The 3 GTīs
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