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Tour Awards

Best overall rider (Yellow):

Best sprinter (Green):

Best climber (Polka dots):

Young rider (white):



Disappointment (merde):



Best Rider - Froome obviously although Sagan was pretty immense

Sprinter - Gorilla wins that paws down - although Sagan deservedly won the MV

Climber - Quintana when he eventually got going

Young - Quintana again but Bardet was rash, naive, unfortunate and also very good

Team - Sky, Lotto and Ettix all have claims but lets doff a cap to MTN - KOM for a while and a big stage win

Aggressive - The Clinic (nothing new there)

Disappointment - Uran shouldn't be finishing two and a half hours down

Domestique - Porte

Stage - Stage 13 was unlucky for Bardet and Pinot, who both bounced back from monumental stupidity to win stages having allowed Cummings to come from another parish to beat them both

Best Rider - Froome

Sprinter - Griepel

Climber - Quintana

Young - Quintana

Team - Sky

Aggressive - Nibali (once he found his legs)

Disappointment - Whoever make's Astana's tyres!  I've never known a GT contender to have so many punctures (most days I watched) ... and the punctures on stage 20 and the crosswinds stage (3?) cost him a podium.

Domestique - Porte/Poels

Stage - Stage 19 obviously. Panache panache panache.

Best Rider - Sagan, and also most interesting "personality"

Sprinter - Greipel

Climber - "The young French climbers", who can win or lose dramatically on any mountain stage.  Rolland, Barguil, Bardet, Vuillermoz, Pinot … and maybe that guy, de la Porte or whoever.

Young - Quintana, but I wish … he would attack more confidently when he gets older.

Team - Sky from the rich teams.  MTN or AG2R from the "poor".

Aggressive - Jalabert.  Consistently negative attitude toward Sky and Froome, not cool for a commentator on TV.  

Disappointment - Contador or Nibali, even though I love them both.

Domestique - Geraint Thomas, to exhaustion

Stage - There were several, I really can't choose.

Re: Tour Awards

Best rider: Sagan

Best sprinter: clearly Greipel

Best climber (Polka dots): quintana... honorable mention to valverde - he didnt have one day where he completely cracked

Young rider (white): lets say Bardet - big learning experience for him.. but 2 tours and 2 top 10s.. france can dream big!

Team: Lotto Jumbo - after huge success in utrecht, stage 2 had kelderman, ten dam and kruiswijk KOed... everything fell on Gesinks shoulders and for first time in years he delivered.

Aggressive: Sagan without a question.

Disappointment (merde): Konig. Confirmed he is wasted at SKY. He also broke his good record of never finishing a gt outside the top 10 (5/5 in top 10)

Domestique: thomas deserves a mention for the transformation... but Poels is just as crazy strong...

Stage: the alpine finale... altho the cobbles one seems a long time ago now - was also exciting.

Re: Tour Awards

Boogerd_Fan wrote:
everything fell on Gesinks shoulders and for first time in years he delivered.
 I thought Gesink looked heavy throughout the tour.  I wonder whether a bit more  'meat' has helped with his ability to ride consistently throughout three weeks?  Or maybe it's my imagination?
Slapshot 3

Best overall rider (Yellow):  Sagan

Best sprinter (Green): Greipel, none of the rest really showed up

Best climber (Polka dots): Thomas... (very unexpected)

Young rider (white): Quintana

Team: MTN.... more than anyone else they animated things

Aggressive: Sagan

Disappointment (merde): Sky..... bit of a Deja Moo... we've seen this bullshit before

Domestique: G thomas ( I hope it's real)

Stage: 19

Best overall rider (Yellow) - Froome definately

Best sprinter (Green): the man of the sundays Greipl (3 of his stage wins were taken on sunday stage)

Best climber (Polka dots): Quintana

Young rider (white): Quintana was the best but look at the other young riders up there, the yates, barguil, pinot, bardet, good selection of riders.

Team: Sky - i think they did what they had to and had a good control over the race, maintaining quintana when they had to but also keeping an effort together outside of the team time trial which did not put too much undue pressure on the rest of their team (i think the thing with the team time trial was that froome was in too good shape so when he and also thomas took the front, it made the others hurt like roche). mtn is also deservant of a mention as are ag2r, started disappointingly for them but they recovered much pride.

Aggressive: bardet being agressive going down hill,

Disappointment (merde): i love bartali's answer. i think cofidis would be very disappointed with it, all the money for bouhanni and crashing out in week 1 which left the team to try for scraps.

Domestique: Poels is my thought there too

Stage: stage 20 which disappointingly was the only full day i saw and part of that was spent cooking

Best overall rider (Yellow): Froome

Best sprinter (Green): Greipel

Sagan came second in both of the above categories fro me though Wink

Best climber (Polka dots): Quintana

Young rider (white): Quintana

I'll go off piste for a little bit or otherwise it gets boring

Team: AG2R - for their budget they manage a lot and Bardet's descending makes for great TV

Aggressive: Some of the roadsiders

Disappointment (merde): Dissapointed for Van Garderen. His efforts to turn the Fab 4 into a 5 piece boyband came a bit unstuck.

Domestique: Hansen

Stage: Huez cos there was a glimmer of a big unexpected outcome once Froome starting loosing the team's wheel.

And my own special comedy moment award. Millar's ITV insert on Huez when he starting speaking of the morning after and the apocalyptic landscape scattered with the detritus of a million souls. Geez Dave, it's only a bike race - relax Wink


His Brother Millar Toto persona was quite acutely observed
mr shifter

Re: Tour Awards

Nolte wrote:

Disappointment (merde):


All the others are now in the history archives but

Disappointment (merde): has to be the Etixx-Quick Step team for not leading out their sprinter who is left in the lead 400 meters out to give the other sprinters a fantastic lead out.
He gets his stage win without them.
Domestique: = Geraint Thomas Forum Index -> The 3 GTīs
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