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Tiger Woods

Bill Simmons is generally known for making sense, but I dont really get what he is hammering on about here. I thought Tiger did a reasonable job of cutting himself in front of the world's media and putting all the blame on himself. Then Simmons says he is being too straight and he should pass some blame onto him becoming famous too young and getting married too fast etc etc. He says he should have mentioned his father's name more to make it more feel-good, but I thought Tiger learned how to mess around from the old man. Seems like Simmons is saying Tiger is too plastic, then he tells him he should have put more spin on it.

If I were his wife I would take the kids to Sweden and hope they get a normal life. Getting more money to stay with him is not worth it.

another fucknuts with money.. oh well..ciao

Williams insists he knew nothing news services

Tiger Woods' longtime caddie, Steve Williams, is claiming he knew nothing about the golfer's extramarital affairs.

In an interview in his native New Zealand, Williams insists he didn't know about the affairs and is upset about the reaction he has received from the news media and general public.

"It's been the most difficult time of my life, no two ways about it, because every single person believed I should know, or did know, or had something to do with it," Williams told New Zealand TV3's 60 Minutes. "I knew nothing, that's my answer. I don't have to clarify or extend that answer, I knew nothing."

Williams has been Woods' caddie for 11 years and has said the two are close friends.

"If the shoe was on someone else, I would say the same thing. It would be very difficult as a caddie not to know but I'm 100 percent telling you, I did not know and that's that," Williams said. "I'm a straight-up sort of person. Rolling Eyes If I had known something was going on, the whistle would have been blown."Very Happy

Williams said in the interview that although he was angry with Woods when the affairs first became public knowledge, he has continued to be a friend to the golfer.

"Of course I'm mad at him, why would you not be?" Williams said. "I'm close with his wife and he's got two lovely children and he's let them down.

"[But] when a guy's having a tough time, it's not up to me to beat him with a stick right now," he said. "He's getting enough grilling from everybody else. When you're a true friend of somebody, that's when somebody needs your support and need you the most. That's when you don't walk away. Tiger's one of my closest friends and he needs my support right now and I'd never think of walking away.

"When I talk to him, I don't talk to him about what's happened. I talk to him about the future and about what we're going to try to accomplish and how we're going to get over it," he said.

Even Williams' wife, Kirsty, defended the caddie against public scrutiny.

"It is tough. It's hard seeing someone you love have that to deal with," Kirsty Williams said in the interview. "He's just seen as a bad guy. He was always seen as a bad guy and now they think he's even worse. Crying or Very sad People are calling for him to be fired, it's just not fair.

"Tiger and Elin are our good friends and it's hard to see them going through this and then to have the public and media [scrutiny]," she said. "You certainly learn a lot about people in these situations."  Smile

- All I can say is if he was really that ignorant he would have been run over by a golf cart long ago.

Geraint wrote:
All I can say is if he was really that ignorant he would have been run over by a golf cart long ago.

Not so sure myself. People keep all sorts of "double lives" secret from close friends and family.

I can't see why it's an issue for the media, though. The caddy has a professional duty of care to Tiger to make sure he's got the right clubs in the bag, the right yardage charts and to make the right club selections, but no obligation to the wider public.

Mrs Tiger might have an issue friendship-wise if she thinks he was covering up for Tiger, but that's very much a private matter.

The real story would be if Tiger and the caddy had been involved in a series of "menage a trois". It would bring a whole new meaning to the concept of club selection...Smile

He can choose to keep his mouth shut, but he has said he is a straight-forward Kiwi who would have no hesitation to speak out if he had seen something. He should not say that if he is preferring to keep up a "i see nothing, nothing" position. There are some people who think it is possible that he saw nothing in 11 years of touring, but I cant see how it is possible.

Tiger gave a famous GQ interview where he carried on like an utter cad and seemed oblivious to how he sounded, which seems to be his real character. After that, his management made sure everything he said in the media was scripted. There are a lot of unconfirmed stories about how open he was about his socialising and the people on the tour just had to keep their silence, though this kind of thing is apparently rampant on the PGA tour.

With the number of women who have said they kept up relationships of several years with Tiger, I just cant believe his caddy saw absolutely nothing and had no reason to doubt Tiger's spotless image. I think Tiger was not terribly secretive about his affairs, relying on the Tour omerta to protect him and, even if Williams had been largely unaware of all this, there could be no way he never saw or heard anything.

Howard Stern is said to be putting together a Tiger Woods Misstress Pageant...I might pay to watch

Will Phil Mickelson be in it?
cardinal guzman


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