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The questions children ask...

I'm not sure why I signed up for this, but I did a short talk to Younger Little Rower's class at school this morning about Le Tour and cycling.

I'd done my homework, even taking my bike along to demonstrate gears etc. and thought I had all angles covered, but the little blighters still made me laugh with these questions:

"Why does the Tour de France start in Yorkshire?"

"Why is your bike so much bigger than mine?" (From a child who was less than half my height!)

"What happens if a rider doesn't like the food he's given?"

"Are riders allowed to eat chocolate?" (I bullsh*tted here and said only if they did as the Manager asked and if they'd eaten all their greens. Never bad advice...)

"Could a woman ride the Tour if she disguised herself as a man?"

"Isn't it sexist that women aren't allowed to ride the Tour?" (I think my reference to the women's race in Paris this year only fanned the flames of resentment here, so threw in a question of my own about gear ratios at this point!)

I did a short quiz as well, and the answer given to all questions where the answer was a specific rider was "A Frenchman", "Lance Armstrong" or "Bradley Wiggins" from which one can drawn some interesting conclusions!

ah inquiring minds

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