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The other day at Lunas

At the feeding station at Lunas on Sunday, during our first randonnee in the new incarnation, the longer distance group stopped for a break.  Christel Ferrier, our local cross country and road French Champion was in that group.  At that moment, David Moncoutie rode by, in a group of four others riding from Paris to Granada in ten days (so I was told).  Here is a little photo of the event, I guess everyone was quite happy.  You can find more photos on our club's brand new not quite finished site.

I myself was at the final stop, under a canopy, pouring cokes, juice and water from 9h00 until 13h00 for the 116 riders who took part.  Everyone was very chuffed, as for "us" (the new us) it was the first time we organised such an event.  Other than Christel (in the red kit) and David M. there are three guys from the club in civvies and two others I don't know, maybe those riding with Moncoutie.


Nice, FF.  Moncoutie was a good guy and universally liked (I think), and stopping for a few pics and a chat proves it.  Looks a nice place to stop too...

Nice FF!!

Well done FF - always nice to help out fellow enthusiasts.

Apparently one of our guys spotted the Moncoutie party riding through and gave a shout offering a bit of free feeding and drinking.  Was genuinely good of Moncoutie to stop.  Made everyone's day.  And for that matter, for Christel to join up with the other riders for the morning.  

For me that is "real cycling", not these possibly drugged up professionals and their money hungry teams.

that is really nice Smile

That's great and it's the little things like that make it such an accessible sport. Been out enjoying the lovely weather tonight. Between the long evenings and the not so sweltering heat of July and August, it's the best month of the year for cycling. Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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