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The Boston Globe - The Big Picture - 2010 Commonwealth Games

A completely different Big Picture to the ones we usually have here

Another Big Picture series from Japan Sad

I feel the media's obsession with the nuclear issues - whilst a huge story in their own right - is overshadowing the bigger story.

Was emailed a few of these during the week, so I've been waiting for the Big Picture to do a series.

Number 32 is truly remarkable even allowing for the fact that it's a long exposure (not that long though as the detail in the plume is still observable)

Looks like we don't get a Giro series this year.

the big pic chap's new gig did do slightly different letour pics choices.

the dutchly version has a slightly different way of choosing it's subjects.

i like the last pic in here.

Thanks for all those. I thought the Big Picture was getting a bit flat this year. I didn't why until now. The Atlantic selection were much more interesting.

Especially the Danish cycling team Wink

And Sanchez angling for a guest spot on Pimp my Footwear.

I've been keeping an eye on these ones recently. Updated Daily. Some days are better than others. It's a different angle to the more commercial stuff as it's mainly amateurs so they can spend the time to get the shot they want. Too much Photoshop for my sometimes though.

Some interesting stuff in here. The first one is a shocker. Some of the others I was familiar with, but surprised that airspace was as open as it was for the shuttle launch Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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