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That bike that I don't need...

LBS guy who does very tasty deals for club mates (and, thankfully, cub mate spouses) has the Genesis Ti Ultegra for a measly 1600.00. Not quite the same wow factor as last year's Cervelo offer but tasty nonetheless. I don't really need another bike (yeah right!) and I don't really have the money to hand, but I do like my Ti and it seems too good to pass up. I presume that as I am posting this on a cycling forum that any advice will be in a positive vein  Wink


Re: That bike that I don't need...

gerry12ie wrote:
I don't really need another bike (yeah right!) and I don't really have the money to hand ....

I'm not really the best person to ask Smile but I've always subscribed to the view that I need n+1 bikes where n is the number I currently have!

Go on ... you know you want to!! Smile

I thought you might say that! A nice decent little runaround I reckon... Smile

Its lovely Gerry ... you can't go wrong.

Gerry - I think you've already made the decision. You just need to do the haggling over what you're not going to do with the dosh you're spending on the bike!

A word of caution - I have heard it said by people far wiser than me that the last bike you ever buy will be titanium. Now your last bike may not be this one, but it does expose you to the risk that this might be the last time you ever get to keep a brand new bike in the lounge!

Nah ... I bought titanium 12 bikes ago Smile Smile

Bartali wrote:
Nah ... I bought titanium 12 bikes ago Smile Smile

You've got the wrong logic here...

It doesn't mean that if you buy a Titanium bike then that's it. It just might be. It actually means that if you buy non-Titanium, it's definitely not your last bike, thus guaranteeing you a further purchase in the future!

So to be on the safe side, just keep buying carbon, steel or aluminum. Several times each, one would think!

I'm confused now Confused - the last bike I bought was titanium. Maybe I should buy two just in case... Very Happy

I loved the only titanium bike I ever tried.  One day, when I feel loaded, I am going to by one, even though I don't really need it.

Got decent review in an English mag I saw recently, not your exact model, but another Genesis model.

Buy it.

It looks very smart and that's a cracking price for Ti and Ultegra. I had to double check that the currency was really . As far as I'm concerned, the only reason not to would be to carry on saving for a custom build Wink

Well a couple of years ago I wanted a steel custom build and ended with the Burls Ti because he had temporarily stopped making steel frames as Ti was the thing and he was just too busy with that to do steel.  I really like the Ti and it has actually convinced me further to go a nice steel frame (maybe a Cinelli Supercorsa? Very Happy) but a nice frame deserves nice kit and would push the price beyond what I would have available at the moment.  

Still, a half price Ti would soften the blow a little and I might then convert the Burls Ti to a single speed.

Of course I would then have kit left over so I would probably need a new frame to hang it on... Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

Or .... and its just a thought ... a Cinelli Supercorsa SS/fixed Smile  You wouldn't need much kit Wink Forum Index -> The Garage
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