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Team kits 2016

iam reveals it here "inspired by neo-classicism"  Rolling Eyes

movistar -

kittel modelling the ettix-quickstep jersey -

any others revealed did i miss?

Tinkoff's training kit. If only:

I like the IAM and Etix kits:

Not so much the Movistar, with the Ghostbusters "M":

Team Evil:

Rodriguez joins Nibali amongst the ranks of performing Mediterranean Monkeys owned by "Russian" overlords Wink


A lot more kit being rolled out now.

Astana (spot the difference)


Lotto Jumbo

BMC  (excuse the porno pose)



I like the Quickstep, but I think the real winner is Rodriguez who probably didn't think he would make the Bad Photoshop 2015 final Wink

gerry12ie wrote:
I like the Quickstep...

Looks like they ordered the shirts before taking Kittel's measurements.

SlowRower wrote:
gerry12ie wrote:
I like the Quickstep...

Looks like they ordered the shirts before taking Kittel's measurements.

Funnily enough, I'm a similar fit - I think it's officially called 'snug' Wink

Trek relive the glory days and team up with a big drug distribution network Wink


The Trek jersey is really nice.

I like Quick step are going back to navy blue.

May not be the greatest picture, but at least it's all the WT 2016 kits in a single take:

Taking a look at the jerseys, it seems like the trend toward blue or dark ones that are hard to tell apart has vanished and it should be a rather colourful peloton this year.  A tiny little bonus for us watching on the box or on the side of the road.

Doesn't take much to change the overall feel does it ?
What has changed - IAM and Dimension Data ?
Cannondale slightly lighter ?
Might depend on how MTN/DD look from above/behind.

I agree, although have seen some from the back, not all.  Probably our most frequent TV view, the back and behind.  thing I like about the peloton on the box is that from the top, all of the colours seem to go together.  When in fact they are some of the grossest colours and such varied deign, it is almost impossible for any of them to go together.  Much like a higgledy piggeldy village that grows up without any of the houses matching exactly, but altogether they go fine.  All I really care about for racing (I would never buy a jersey with much advertising at all, except my local club jersey), is they are easy to identify.  Last year I did have problems all year long with darkness.

We shall see. Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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