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Tacx I Magic trainert

I have just bought an I magic trainer,but find the action on hills is not very smooth as the wheel feels that it slips.  The route I have programmed in has no more than a 12% slope.  I have also notice that the speed on the hills is a lot slower that what I actually recorded when riding this route last summer.    I have set up the trainer to that my back wheel is just touching the the motorised roller of the trainer?  Any help would be appreciated


You need to get the wheel just touching then give it (I think) 3 full turns.  Anyway ... that's what the problem is.  If 3 turns is too much then loosen it off a bit and experiment.

Is it really an i magic or the newer fortius?  If it is the i magic, then it can't reproduce 12 % slopes so it artificially slows you down a bit.

Many thanks I shall give it a try ( yes it is an Imagic it is an ex display model).  I think an other problem is that I need a training tyre

Definitely get the training tyre if you can.  I've had both Tacx and Continental and on balance I think the Tacx is better.

Let me know how you get on.  It took me a while to get it right.

Which hills are you riding?  AdH, Ventoux ... ?

I found the Tacx training tyre worked best than the Continental one. There is a guide somewhere about setting up the trainer. I looked ages on the web to find it. If I can source it again, i'll send it over. Forum Index -> Dr.Fuentes Consulting Room
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