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For the first time in my life, I can maybe buy a pair of sunglasses for cycling, without prescription.  Since who knows what life will throw up, I thought I would blow some money on those kinds that wrap around a bit and have lenses you can change.  I suppose they come in cheap and expensive, good quality and passable, and so forth.  I also know nothing about the ones that change when the sun gets brighter or dimmer.

Anyone know anything about sunglasses.  Might be last ones I ever buy, so price is not so much an object.  Never ridden a bike without glasses (prescription), so I don't even know whether I care to wear clear ones on a normal day, since I always had clear ones on my nose.  My mate wears Rudy Project something or other.  He seems serious about quality products.

I can't help you FF - I very rarely ride with them these days.

Heck, I was hoping you would be my ace informant, or at least one of several.  You mean even in the sun in the South of France?  And never with wind and dust?  Still, if I go your way it will save me some money.  I thought those shades looked so cool and never could wear them with my glasses.  I also thought they were one of the "good" innovations, like goggles in the old days.  It is very windy around here, and dry a lot.

The only advise I can give you is that if you buy ones with interchangeable lens, don't wear the yellow ones if you have a hangover - your head will explode!!!!!!!!!!

I got tired of buying very nice Maui Jim's and then losing them after six months. Much cheaper to buy cheap sunglasses.

I have had a few pair of sunglasses with interchangeable lens. The problem I would run into is that when I really wanted to change lenses, I could not find them. Or, sometimes the lens changes aren't as smooth as you'd like. I found it better to buy a pair of yellow (for low light), and regular.

I buy most of my sunglasses now from the stores that have them cheap. I don't spend more than $20 on a pair.

I spent as little as possible on mine and consequently never loose or scratch them.  Rolling Eyes Forum Index -> The Garage
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