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Squeaky Crankset

For the last couple of weeks, whenever I am riding and I go hard/get out of the saddle, I hear a squeak on my right downstroke. Any ideas? Its a 2005 Shimano Ultegra Triple Crankset, the derailleurs are both Ultegra, the chain is 10-speed Dura-Ace and I keep it VERY clean, and the cassette is Ultegra (10-speed).

Often squeaks are not what they seem. Pedals, Skewers and even handlebars can sound like the chainset and might be easier to check/change/grease as appropriate.

i had the same problem a few weeks ago so i washed the bike, took off the chain rings and added a little grease before putting them back on and mysterious noise disappeared.
So it might just be the bolts on your chain rings creaking if they havent had any oil or grease in a while or may be a litle loose

might be your bottom bracket(having had this problem recently).....

Well I took it to the bike shop and they tightened the bolts on the headset, stem and chainrings, and the sound is mostly gone, but now I hear a ticking sound. I think that means that my bottom bracket ball bearing is messed up.

pull the bb and get it regreased...every couple thou miles.

crank arm holds can be worn out.. around the bolt area.. ciao

as bartali said.. could just be loose wheel skewers.. take front wheel off..
retighten the skewer.. and only if necessary.. repeat for back wheel..
work for a friend once he had checked just about everything else.. Smile

What the hell is a wheel skewer? Do you mean a spoke?

forza_petacchi wrote:
What the hell is a wheel skewer? Do you mean a spoke?

The quick releases

Oh. Then why does it squeak more if its in the big ring than in the middle ring?

Sounds like the bottom bracket then. Forum Index -> The Garage
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