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Slapshot 3


Some of you might have noticed a SPAMMER getting through our nets yesterday so just for info purposes since Berck and I changed the registration process, we've deleted over 70 spam accounts in the last 15 months many of them very prolific global spammers. Additionally we've banned a few IP addresses and a number of email domains as well.

This information is then recorded on many of the anti-spam engines as a resource for all other sites to use.

Until yesterday, all this happened before any of these scumbags got to the forums themselves, I'm a touch miffed that this one got through!!
Slapshot 3

Some of you may have noticed another bastard sneaking through the system today...apologies, it's now gone!!

Sorry, I haven't had much time to follow the boards recently so hadn't noticed but thanks for keeping out the Spammers. Forum Index -> General Forum News and Issues
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