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Slaying the Badger

I just found (grace of another forum) a film of the book Slaying the Badger, Lemond and Hinault.  I am only halfway through, but I find it quite entertaining, as I have never heard some of these people talk about things and it does bring back many memories.  I read the book too.  I tell you, although life is complex, I still love cycling and its history.

And Kathy, his wife, is very sharp indeed.  She saw and has the spirit to talk.  I liked her a lot.  Andy Hampsten is also very interesting and Paul Koechli I have never heard speak in my life.  What a character.

Saw that on TV recently (maybe ESPN channel I suppose).
I lot of self serving justification from certain quarters.

I don't actually recall seeing those two years for real.
What was it like watching the fight unfold without knowing the outcome ? Forum Index -> The 3 GTīs
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