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Sir Norman Wisdom RIP

RIP Norman Wisdom
Slapshot 3

Gutted, man was a genius, rest easy Norman, thanks for the laughs

RIP, Norman - 95 - a good age!

I thought he'd died years ago!
Mrs John Murphy

He'd has Alzheimer's for years which was very sad and difficult for his family.

Personally, I didn't find him that funny (even though Chaplin is my comedy hero), but I appreciate his great contribution to comedy/entertainment. He was treated like a God in Albania.

I saw a recent documentary about him and his family coping with his situation etc - very touching and sad for them all.

Add to that, he was such a genuine gentleman when being interviewed.

Used to see him around Epsom all the time when I lived there (he had a flat down the road from me) - always a cheeky grin and a nice line in car coats.

His humour wasn't my cup of tea but Tom was laughing out loud when he saw some clips - guess the childlike element tickled him.

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