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last km

Silly Season Stuff

Who wears the trousers in your house ???
Slapshot 3

Re: Silly Season Stuff

last km wrote:

Who wears the trousers in your house ???

depends who gets up first.......... Rolling Eyes

Is this to be the FID for the winter???
last km

If you like...anything off beat...wacky you know the thing..

I hope trousers on women don't get banned in Bourganeuf, la Creuse (23)   Shocked

There are some horrifically fat English women here who should be obliged to wear
enormous trousers!

Conversely, I have a beautiful pair of Marlboro Classics leather trousers I bought cheap as chips ...they are soft, warm, comfortable ..... and yellow!!

Does that help?

HdB, your trousers sound revolting - yellow leather, ugh! Laughing

I lived in Paris for a year, and no-one told me I couldn't wear trousers.  Sounds like the British law which still exists which says that everyone must practise archery on Sunday.
last km

Why when you go into a bank/post office/bar/ etc do you always choose the slowest of all the queues /lines.....even tho when you choose it seems the best option....discuss

answers on a post card to

dubai asking for loan carry over...we are in so much trouble for the next 7 years...

god bless us...

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