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Route du Sud

Not saying it will be a brilliant race, but might be worth watching the mountain stage (Contador, Quintana).  Today I happened to catch a replay of the finish.  Semi-dramatic "will they won't they" with the escape.  Then out of nowhere with quite a good turn of speed up a slopey bit, comes a young French sprinter.  Mind you, not what you would call big opposition, but still worth a watch for a few minutes.

I've watched both stages.
French and Dutch (Kirby and Smith commentating) Eurosports both have it live, as does German Eurosport 2, tomorrow.
Excellent French production as always. Nice that this good little TDF warm up finally gets coverage.
The stages, given it's all about tomorrow:


Goodness, an AG2R rider called Pierre Roger Latour, whom I have never heard of, 21, keeping up with the 2 big guys on the climb.   Whew?  Live and learn.  Where did he come from?  ANOTHER French climber!

Yeah, but he was dieing a thousand deaths out there trying to ride in that company tho! Very Happy

Disappointing stage.
The big two looked as if they were out for a Sunday morning jaunt.

Boogerd and Huw.  You are both totally correct.  Yet have you ever heard of the guy?  21?  And whatever the big two were doing, NO ONE ELSE in the race was able to follow, except whatsisname.  I thought it was pretty good really.  He kept up, even if he did look like he was working hard to do it.

Just trying to find something interesting about what was apparently mostly a not very interesting stage. Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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