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Roubaix, or not Cafe Roubaix?

Not sure if you all have seen this, but a bike shop in Canada has been hit up by Specialized because he included the word Roubaix in his store name.

Specialized pressures Canadian bike shop to change name

Well, now Fuji is stepping in. Turns out that Fuji actually owns the rights to Roubaix world wide and license those rights to Specialized.

Specialized Roubaix trademark legal threat may backfire as Fuji weighs in

According to Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, "ASI says it owns the worldwide rights to the Roubaix trademark ... and has licensed it to Specialized since 2003." And the company's International CEO Pan Cunnane says he is happy for Dan Richter to use the name for his bicycle shop.

"We have reached out to Mr. Richter to inform him that he can continue to use the name, and we will need to license his use, which we imagine can be done easily," Cunnane was quoted by BRAIN as saying.

Specialized backs down...

Sinyard takes responsibility and apologises to Café Roubaix owner

Now they are after a different company...

Specialized Threatens Another Small Business: Epix Gear

Looks like Specialized is stopping the Epix suit too...

Following social media firestorm, Specialized eases off aggressive legal policy

The Roubaix case was a bit more understandable, but the Epix case was ridiculous. Forum Index -> Cycling Forum
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