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Rest Day 2

After the excitement (believable or not) of yesterday's stage, I'm bored!
Help keep me amused till tomorrow's stage.
What stages have people been to see?
What stages are people planning on seeing?
Tips/advice on things to do in Paris - I've been many times, but it's always nice to hear other peoples hints/tips.

I went to see the Corsican stages - what an amazing island! I fell in love with it and would love to return to explore further.

Had a great day in Vivario, found a great bar/restaurant to watch the Caravane and riders pass by. Wow! What an experience - the locals had a massive cow roasting on a spit. When the Caravane went past, the locals were picking up the goodies and then throwing them back at the next vehicle also they had ice buckets filled with water, which they threw at the drivers and Caravane people. Also, when the van selling TdF musettes went passed, it had to stop on the bend and the locals grabbed some of the boxes of merchandise and threw them all over the road!!! I managed to pick up 3 musettes (worth 20 euros each!) - it was chaos but great fun. Never experienced that before. A lot of the crowd I was with were extremely disappointed the next day when there were no such shenanigans going on with the Caravane on the next stage! We were totally spoiled by that experience.

time to play:
pin the tail on the donkey (turned racehorse)
dopers lotto

it doesn't surprise me that no positives in the tour de france, it is an election year.
mr shifter

Nolte wrote:
it doesn't surprise me that no positives in the tour de france, it is an election year.

But the Germans take months to find a Miniscule item in a sample. Forum Index -> The 3 GTīs
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