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Request for Info ...

My daughter is preparing for her Senior Research Project in college.
Since she is an Exercise Science major (Chemistry minor), she has
chosen the following subject:

Type 1 Diabetes and the Athlete.

Are there any members of this forum who are Type 1 (insulin dependent)
diabetics? Or, does any member of this forum know someone who is a
Type 1 diabetic? (For the purpose of her research a Type 1 diabetic
who is competing in ANY athletic endeavor will suffice).

If so, please PM me with details and I will forward the info on to her.

Many thanks!

I know a few diabetics but none of them are very active, not to the levels your daughter wants to look at. I'll stick up this link but have no doubt she already knows about it.

Thank you for your reply!

Yes! She is aware of Team Type 1.

FYI, there was an interesting article on Team Type 1 in Bicycling magazine recently.

Thank you for your reply!

Would you please advise which monthly issue of the magazine that the
article appeared in.


edie wrote:


billgull wrote:
edie wrote:


no worries. You can also try to contact the team through its blog

From another Forum I have received the following:

Thought it might be interesting to view!

Check-out the Narrator!  Surprised

Finally! My daugher has received approval by the college to start her
project. There were a number of issues concerning her subject. And, the
school wanted to "cover their elbow!"

Also, the school insisted that she not use her school e-maill address.
They were concerned with the possibility of her being "stalked" by
some Internet pervert.

She may be contacted via:

c gulledge 05 (at) gmail dot com

(please remove the spaces, replacing the (at) and the dot with a (.)

Many, many thanks!
last km

Sir Steve Redgrave Oympic multi gold medallist is diabetic...not sure of type ???

Go girl...good luck, dont burn too much midnight oil.... Wink

The following is the abstract of the preliminary research presentation

Catarina Gulledge

Physical Activity and Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes only represents a small number of the total cases of
diabetes throughout the world, but it is a disease with serious
consequences because the body stops producing the hormone
insulin. Without this hormone, the body cannot get glucose into the
cells to be metabolized into energy. While there is no cure for type
1 diabetes, there are ways to manage the disease. Physical activity
is one of those ways; it makes the cells more receptive to obtaining
glucose from the bloodstream, thus acting somewhat like insulin.
However, not all people affected by type 1 diabetes engage in
physical activity. This research will examine the challenges males
with type 1 diabetes face in regard to physical activity, and how
physical activity affects them. This work will hopefully provide
insights into this disease, provide information on how current type
1 diabetics deal with this disease, and thus provide more ways to
encourage more type 1 diabetics to engage in physical activity.

If you are a male and at least 18-years-old, or know someone who
fits this profile and might be interested in participating, please

Please note that participation would involve filling out a survey.

Thank you for your consideration.
happa gal sent. Let me know if you have not heard from TT1 and I can give Sean a call.

Shameless story on the TT1 women -

..and my buddy Lyne's Phil story -
happa gal

billgull...just received email from Sean. Looks like he has contacted your daughter. I know Sean can help her. He is absolutely the best! Wish all PR/Communications Director were that good.

I would like to take this opportunity to say: "Thank You!" to everyone who
responded to this request. Especially, to: Happa Gal.

My daughter has finished her research project and on December 11th
2009 she graduated from Albion College, which is located in a small
town in southern Michigan named, not surprisingly, Albion. The school's
nickname is: "The Britons." And, their battle-cry is: "Go! Brits."

Two days ago, she received notification that she has been accepted
for the Autumn 2010 class at:

She also interviewed at Dartmouth University Medical School, which is
located in New Hampshire and Michigan State University College of Human
Medicine, where she has also been accepted for the Autumn 2010 class.
She has until May 15, 2010 to make her decision on which medical
school she will attend.

Again, Thank You!
last km

If we made some small contribution to Bg's daughter graduating, kind of makes the forum worthwhile...all best in 2010, from a snowy England

Good news billgull - that's great news. Forum Index -> Dr.Fuentes Consulting Room
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