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Reducing grand tour and classics team sizes

So as aso, RCS announced plans to reduce team sizes to 8 for grand tours and 7 for the spring classics, what are the views here.

The reason voiced is safety but when you look at it, there is still only limited space to be at the front, you will retain the battle for space at front because regardless of whether,
7, 8 or 9 rider teams, that constant will exist and will be there regardless.

Another possible reason being excitement although understandably you won't hear aso come out and say that was last year's tour de France was a snoozefest because sky were very strong. But would losing one of their riders affect it. If I recall at the end of most stages, sky had good numbers and real strength in depth.

The desire to be at the front might be constant, but with fewer riders in the peloton to apply that desire then there must be less chance of an incident.
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