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Ralph's Grandma Touches Down in Canada?

From cyclingnews:

Grandmothers cycle for charity

Two Scottish grandmothers are preparing for a 10,000 km charity cycling ride across Canada. Penny Weir, 70, from Aviemore, and Mavis Paterson, 69, from Dumfries and Galloway, plan the trip to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, according to the BBC.

The women met 16 years ago after Ms Weir heard Ms Paterson on the radio, talking about a 8,000-mile cycle she had completed. Since then, the pair has been on a number of cycle rides together, but none of them were as challenging as their Canadian trip in May, during which they will be sleeping in tents.

"A lot of people tell us that we're crazy and maybe we are - but I think everyone needs a goal and this is ours," said Ms Paterson. "I'll still be doing trips like this in 20 years if I have my health - I don't really think we're doing anything special. Anyone could do it - it's just down to sheer willpower, stubbornness and discipline - and a desire to raise money for a great cause."

The grandmothers will set off from Vancouver, Western Canada, on May 18, and hope to finish in New Foundland in September.

Good luck to them - brave women!

aye, good luck to them, but one small point. My grandma was English Wink Forum Index -> Around the World
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