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Pure Michigan/Not So Pure Michigan

The State of Michigan is forking out $25-Million per year to support a
tourism program named: Pure Michigan.

A group of advertisements appear on televison promoting: Pure
Michigan. Tim Allen who starred in the American T.V. program:
"Home Improvements" is the narrator. Allen, who is a graduate of
a suburban Detroit High School and Western Michigan University,
which is located in Kalamazoo, (where have you gone "FiggsKazoo"?)
is rolling in a good amount of the taxpayers money for this gig.

Recently a new website has appeared.

A cynical, hilarious look at the REAL Michigan, which is far from PURE.
Among the hits: The Detroit Tigers (MLB), The Detroit Lions (NFL),
University of Michigan Football (NCAA), Snow Virgins, Monsoon Season,
and a couple of others.

Well worth a look for a laugh, or two. FYI: The "Pure Michigan"
website has promos for Traverse City and Mackinac Island. Both of
these places are in the area where I reside.


Nice one.  At least for a native born Michigander.

I thought the sensible ones moved to Indiana...

This exceedingly sensible Michigander moved to Europe. Forum Index -> The Coffee Lounge
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