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PowerBreathe Respiratory Trainer

I have been looking to get one of this for ages!!! Does any of you have any experience with it??? Does it work??? or is it a waste of time and money???

ditto a heart rate monitor? useful?

I wonder if you wouldn't get the same benefit from deep breathing exercises. I do these periodically but wouldn't mind something more.

Riding a hill I find I am really gasping and I know I do need to improve my cardio/vascular efficiency. I'd be interested in hearing anyone's experience with this device.

AFA heart rate monitors are concerned, I have one but discontinued the use after finding it was limiting me. I listen to my body now and don't worry about the HRM reading.

I still can't find the spell check on the tool bar Surprised

I have a power breathe but can't find a suitable time to use it.
I'm also always worried about its cleanliness...since when you leave it anywhere it's prone to getting dusty.
I haven't used it consistently enough to say whether it's any good or not.

Regarding actual performance has improved...simply because I know how much I have left to give at any moment I'm generating any significant power. Before I used to run out of puff at just the wrong moment but that happens a lot less now. Smile

I also have a cadence's useful but not as good an indicator as my HRM. Ideally I'd like a way to monitor my power but generally these devices are either too expensive (for me) or sound a bit unreliable. Rolling Eyes

I have an HRM, it works really well, and helps a lot, I can say that my performance has improve quite a bit since I started using it.

I do still have my doubts about the cadence monitor, I would really like to get more advice about it, and the correct way to use it.

I know you can get books on training with a HRM (which I'd like to research and try) but I haven't heard much about cadence monitors.

I would suppose that once you got the HR part going would ideally try to choose the right gear so that you can remain at the ideal cadence. I remember reading somewhere that some lab worked this out to be around 92rpm.

I wouldn't worry about achieving a 'specific' cadence. Just find something comfortable that you can sustain for the section in question.

Obviously if you are nearing a sprint at a race-finish, you need to be spinning much higher. Otherwise, provided you have experience riding - I think one's body does a good job of finding the right cadence.

I don't actually train to cadence but I do use it as a guide to tell me if I'm in the right gear or not.

Combined with information on my should allow me to maintain a workrate that won't take me beyond my aerobic capacity but won't build up too much lactic acid when I'm climbing hills.

So far it seems to work reasonably well...

I find HRM very useful. I've been able to improve my performace quite a bit over the years using it. Also, I can tell when I need to wind down some to keep from over doing it. If you plan on using ranges, its important to actually determine your real max HR versus the old standby of 220-age. I'm able to achieve a HR over 10 points higher than the old standby.

Cadence is useful to adjust in training too. Especially if you have knee problems. A higher cadence will put less strain on your knees. But adjusting it is good for different conditions like climbing or the flats for sprinting. Forum Index -> Dr.Fuentes Consulting Room
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