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vuelta 2018 teams
Grand Tour Routes 2018
TdF '17: Le Wrap
TdF ’17, Stages 19-21: We'll Always Have Paris...
TdF ’17, Stages 16-18: The Alpine Hike
TdF ’17, Stages 14-15: Something for Le Weekend, monsieur?
TdF ’17, Stages 10-13: 11th-14th July - To the Bastille
TdF ’17, Stages 8-9: 8th-9th July - Jura Awaits
Tour 2017, Stages 5-7: Turning Water Into Wine, Jul 5th-7th
The Green Jersey and sprinters
Tour 2017, Stages 1-4: Not quite the Lowlands, 1st-4th Jul
Tour de france 2017 line ups
Tour de France coverage
Giro 2017:Dolce,Cafe and Grappa! Stages 16-21May 23rd - 28th
Giro 2017: I Secondi Piatti:-Stages 11-15:-May 17th-21st
Giro 2017:I Primi Piatti: Stages 7-10: May 12th-16th.
Giro 2017: Ancora Antipasti e Carricante:Stages 4-6:May 8-10
100th Giro 2017: Antipasti e Mirto: Stages 1-3: May 5th-7th
Giro 2017 Wildcards
Reducing grand tour and classics team sizes
Grand Tour Routes 2017
Vuelta 2016: Stages 18-21. Onward to Madrid Sept 8-11th.
Vuelta 2016: Stages 15-17, GC Takes Shape, Sep 4th-Sep 7th
Vuelta 2016: Stages 11-14, To the Border, Aug 31st-Sept 3rd
Vuelta 2016: Stages 8-10, Rising Gradients, Aug 27th - 29th
Vuelta 2016: Stage 1-7, La Vuelta Galicia, Aug 20th - 26th
Tour 2016, Stages 17-21, Paris via Hell, July 19th-24th
Tour 2016, Stage 14-16: Helvetica Spartacus Testimonius
Tour 2016, Stages 10-13 Across the Divide, July 12-15th
Tour 2016, Stages 8-9, To Andorra in 9 climbs. July 9-11
Tour 2016, Stages 5-7:The Road Begins to Rise, July 6th-8th.
Tour 2016, Stages 1-4: Departure-Day + 3, 2nd - 5th July
Giro 2016:Dolce,Cafe and Grappa! Stages 18-21May 26th - 29th
Giro 2016:-Ancora più Secondi Piatti:-May 21st-25th.
I Secondi piatti: Stages 9-13 - May 15th-20th
Giro 2016:-I Primi Piatti: Stages 4-8: May 10th-14th
Giro 2016:-Antipasti e Heineken: Stages 1-3: May 6th-8th
Giro Teams
Tour wildcards
Giro wild cards
Grand Tour Routes 2016
Vuelta 2015, Stages 17-21: Who Will Win?, 9th - 13th Sep
Vuelta 2015, Stages 14-16: An Asturian Trio, 5th - 7th Sep
Vuelta 2015, Stages 11-13: Suffering Sprinters, 2nd-4th Sep
Vuelta 2015, Stages 6-10: The First MTFs, 27th-31st Aug
Vuelta 2015, Stages 1-5: An Andalusian Depart, 22nd-26th Aug
Vuelta 2015 riders
Tour Awards
Tour 2015, Stages 17-21: The Alpine Showdown, 22nd-26th July
Tour 2015, Stages 13-16: Transitions x 4, 17th-20th July
Tour 2015, Stages 10-12: A New Pyrenean MTF, 14th-16th July
Tour 2015, Stages 5-9: The Hell of the North, 8th-12th July
Tour 2015, Stages 1-4: A Weekend Mini-Break, 4th-7th July
TDF News
team announcements
Pre-Tour Information
Giro 2015: Dolce,Cafe and Grappa! May 28th - 31st
Power numbers for the Giro
Giro 2015: Ancora più Secondi Piatti:- May 24th - May 27th
Giro 2015: I Secondi Piatti Stages:- May 19th - May 23rd
Giro 2015:-I Primi Piatti Stages: May 13th-17th
Giro 2015:-Antipasti e Prosecco: May9th-May 12th
MTN-Qhubeka get Tour invite
Slaying the Badger
2015 Grand Tour Routes
La Vuelta, Week 3: Stages 15-21, Sept 7th-14th
La Vuelta, Week 2: Stages 8-14, Aug 30th-Sept 6th
La Vuelta, Week 1, starts Sat, 23rd August
Tour Oscars
Tour 2014, Stages 19-21: Royale with Cheese, 25th-27th July
Adam Hansen
Sagan's Hair
Tour 2014, Stages 15-18: Pyrenean Cassoulet, 20th-24th July
The race for the podium
Tour 2014, Stages 11-14: Poulet de Bresse, 16th-19th July
TDF Caption Competition
Tour 2014, Stages 8-10: Tarte Flambée, 12th-14th July
does the points jersey need another revamp?
Another historical question
Tour 2014, Stages 4-7: Trappist Ales and Quiche Lorraine
Historical Research Question
Tour 2014, Stages 1-3: The Full English, 5th-7th July
Tour de France Teams
Giro 2014: Dolce,Cafe and lots of Grappa! May 29th-1st June
Giro 2014:Ancora più Secondi Piatti:- May 23rd - May 28th
Giro 2014: I Secondi Piatti Stages:- May 17th - May 22nd
Giro 2014: I Primi Piatti Stages - May 13th-16th
Giro Caption Competition
Giro 2014: Antipasti
Giro Pre-Race Discussion
2015 Tour de France - Utrecht Grand Depart
Vuelta Stages 17-21:GTs Spanish Sumit Sunset. Sept 10th-15th
Vuelta '13, Stages 11-16: To The Pyrénées, 4th-9th Sept
Vuelta'13, Stg.6-10: An Andalusian Weekend, Aug 29th-Sep 2nd
Vuelta 2013, Stages 1-5: Vuelta a Galicia, 24th-28th Aug
La Vuelta a Espana 2013 - General Discussion Thread
2014 Grand Tour Routes
Rest Day 2
Tour 2013, Stage 21: We'll Always Have Paris, 21st July
Tour 2013, Stages 16-20: The Alps, 16th - 20th July
Tour 2013, Stage 15: The Giant, Provence, 14th July
Tour 2013, Stages 12-14: Southward Bound, 11th - 13th July
Rest Day Doping Positive Lotto
Tour 2013, Stages 10-11: Brittany + Normandy, 9th-10th July
Has anyone seen video of Sylvain Chavanel …
Tour 2013, Stages 8-9: The Pyrenees, 6th - 7th July
Tour 2013, Stages 5-7: Vive la Transition, 3rd - 5th July
the commentary GT ridicoulous quotes thread
Tour 2013, Stage 4: The Team Time Trial, Nice, 2nd July
Tour 2013, Stages 1-3: Corsican Connection, 29th Jun-1st Jul
Wiggins out of TDF!
Di Luca EPO positive!
Giro 2013: Dolce, Cafe, but no Grappa? May 23rd-26th
Giro 2013: I Secondi Piatti Stages:- May 18th - May 22nd
Giro 2013: I Primi Piatti Stages - May 14th-17th
100 Years of the Tour de France Procycling magazine
Giro 2013: The Antipasti Stages-May 8th-12th.
Il Grande Giro Aperitivo 2013 - Tappe Prima: May 4th-May 7th
Giro D'Italia 2013. News, Previews Teams etc etc
Le Grand Depart 2014
For Bartali: Giro d'Italia
2013 Grand Tour Routes
Sept 5th-9th:GT Finale - Stages 17 to 21-Santander to Madrid
Aug30th-Sept3rd:Stages12-16-Vilagarcía Arousa to Cuitu Negru
August 26-29-Stages 9-11: Lleida to Pontevedra
August 22-25-Vuelta Stages 5-8:Logroño to Andorra Gallina
August 18-22-Vuelta Stages 1-4:Pamploma-Estación Valdezcaray
2012 Vuelta Odds
Stage 20 TdF: Sun, Jul 22nd: Rambouillet - Paris 120km
Stage 19 TdF: Sat, Jul 21st: 3 Bonneval - Chartres 54km
Stage 18 TdF: Fri, Jul 20th: Blagnac - Brive Gaillarde 223km
Rest Day! July 17 2012
Stage 17 TdF: Thu, Jul 19th: Bagnères - Peyragudes 144km
Stage 16 TdF: Wed, Jul 18th: Pau - Bagnères-de-Luchon 197km
Stage 15 TdF: Mon, Jul 16th: Samatan - Pau 159km
Stage 14 TdF: Sun, Jul 15th: Limoux - Foix 191km
Stage 13 TdF: Sat, Jul 14th: 3 Châteaux - Cap d'Agde 217km
Rest Day! July 10 2012
Stage 12 TdF: Fri, Jul 13th: S J Maurienne - Annonay 226km
Stage 11 TdF: Thu, Jul 12th: Albertville - L. Sybelles 148km
Stage 10 TdF: Wed, Jul 11th: Mâcon - Bel.-s.-Valserine 195km
Great News.....
Stage 9 TdF: Mon, July 9th:Arc-et-Senans - Besançon 42km
Stage 8 TdF: Sun, July 8th: Belfort - Porrentruy 158km
Stage 7 TdF: Sat, July 7th: Tomblaine - Belles Filles 199km
Stage 6 TdF: Fri, July 6th: Épernay - Metz 208km
Stage 5 TdF: Thu, July 5th: Rouen - Saint-Quentin 197km
Stage 4 TdF: Wed, July 4th: Abbeville - Rouen 215km
Stage 3 TdF: Tue, July 3rd: Orchies - Boulogne-sur-Mer 197km
Stage 2 TdF: Mon, July 2nd: Visé - Tournai 208km
Stage 1 TdF: Sun, July 1st: Liège-Seraing 198km
Prologue TdF: Sat, June 30: Liege - Liege 6.4km
Tour de France
Early Odds for 2012 Tour De France
The "new" Giro
Giro 2012: Dolce, Cafe and a Large Grappa-May 26th-27th
Giro 2012: Secondo Plati Stages - May 22nd-25th
Giro 2012: Primo Plati Stages - May 17th -20th
Giro 2012: Some Contorni Stages - May 13th-16th
Giro 2012: The Antipasti Stages-May 9th-12th.
Giro 2012: The Danish Stages - May 5th-7th.
Liestrong - Bontrager at the 2012 TDF
2012 Grand Tour Routes
Froome and Wiggins get forgotten about by the press
Vuelta Stage 21 Circuito del Jarama > Madrid 95.6 km
Vuelta Stage 20 Bilbao > Vitoria 185.0km
Vuelta Stage 19 Noja > Bilbao 158.5km
Vuelta Stage 18 Solares > Noja 174.6 km
Vuelta Stage 17 September Faustino V > Peña Cabarga 211km
Vuelta St 16 Villa Romana La Olmeda (Palencia) - Haro 203km
Vuelta Stage 15 Avilés > Anglirú 142.2km
Vuelta St 14 Astorga- La Farrapona. Lagos de Somiedo 175.8km
Vuelta Stage 13: Sarria - Ponferradaa 150km
Stage 12: Ponteareas - Pontevedra 160km
Vuelta Stage 11 Verín>Estación de Esquí Alto de la Manzan
Vuelta Stage 10 Salamanca > Salamanca 47,0 km ITT 29th Au
Vuelta Stage 9 Villacastín - Sierra de Bejar. La Covatilla
Vuelta Stage 8 Talavera de la Reina > San Lorenz 177.3km
Day at the Vuelta
Vuelta Stage 7 Almadén > Talavera de la Reina 182.9km 26/
Vuelta Stage 6 Úbeda > Córdoba 193.4 km 25th Aug
Vuelta Stage 5 Sierra Nevada > Valdepeña de Jaén 187km 24
Vuelta Stage 4 Baza > Sierra Nevada 170.2 km 23rd Aug
Vuelta Stage 3 Petrer > Totana 163,0 km 22nd Aug
Vuelta Stage 2 La Nucía > Playas de Orihuel 174km 21st Au
Vuelta Stage 1 Benidorm > Benidorm 13.5 km TTT 20th Aug
Vuelta a España 2011
A Clean Tour? Kimmage calls it 'very creditable'
Etape du Tour - Cyclosportif and Tour compared
The perfect Tour de France course?
Thomas Voeckler
Money drying up
most disappointing gc rider so far?
mark cavendish thanks matt slater
New GC Outlook after Stage 16
armstrong. victim of character assassination?
TDF Stage 21: Créteil to Paris Champs-Élysées 95km 24th July
TDF Stage 20 - Grenoble to Grenoble 42.5 km ITT 23rd July
TDF Stage 19 - Modane Valfréjus to Alpe-d’Huez 109.5km 22/7
Stage 18:Pinerolo-Galibier Serre-Chevalier 200.5km July 21st
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