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Heavy going at the Galibier
Chiltern Cycling Festival, July 13th 2014
A short and hyperbole free account of Marmotte 2013
Brevet de Randonneur du Caroux-Espinouse
London to Brighton
Pyrenees Biarritz to Perpignan
Marmotte 2013
Marmotte report - Almost as long as the event itself...
Marmotte 2012
L'Etape du Tour 2012
Weekend Warriors out - Weekend Warrioresses are taking over!
Marmotte 2011 - The Full Story
Works outings
Girona, Spain
Crazy Guy on a Bike
A.S.O, All about the money?
No more "events" this year, thankfully.
Cycling in the Pyrenees
Ardennes Classics
Marmotte 2011
Whistler Gran Fondo
Weekend Warrioring in the Pyrenees
the carrying stuff on a bike thread
La Marmotte medal times
Weekend Warrior race report - A bit of light relief
Paris Brest qualifiers
Amsterdam for the Giro d'Italia
RVV and PR
Tips for watching 2010 Tour? (espec. Revel -> Ax-3)
Have we stopped cycling for the winter?
Alpe D'Huez Challenge - Hairpin by hairpin account
tips for north london?
La Marmotte
Danube by Bike Tour
Eastern Sierra Double
Davis Double
Ever thought about doing this?
Solvang Spring Double
Moving to Heidelberg, Germany!
One for the Cardinal
Bikes in Paris
Cycling in the sun
The Alpe D'Huez Challenge
Round the World
Tell us your interesting ride stories
planning to go see next years spring northern classics
Update on the Inaugural Tour of America
Ralph's Grandma Touches Down in Canada?
What's the steepest road you know?
cycling on the net
Quebrantahuesos 2008 (bonecrusher)
There is a god!
My 2008 Sportive Wish List!
Training Diary
LŽEtape 2008
Only in ?
Amstel Gold Race 2008
Larra - Larrau 2007
Ride the Route
My Weekend ride in Vermont
My Sunday Ride
Screw the doping, I've gone climbing.
Best and Worst Cities to ride in?
Marmotte 2008
And another one....
Anyone fancy doing the tour of the black mountains????
Scotland tour
Pro Race Maps/Profiles
Tour of Ireland challenge
Coast to Coast
Guardian Section on Best European Cycle Routes
Cycling Holidays in France
What a nasty piece of col!!!!!
Guess who was....
What do you call windy?
Legbreaker Challenge 2007
Sheep's modest ride
Mount Haleakala ride April 07
Where are people going riding this summer?
Up North
Guess where?
cycling Tours in Germany
Twiddler's second Feb weekend training ride.
Round Lake Zurich, Switzerland Feb 2007
Your cycling route maps and pix
Mapping Cycle Routes
Hey Bergar
Racing in Boston
Cycling Cultures
Mountain Profiles
European Cyclist Federation
Cycling in Romania
what for?
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